Welcome to Growbox Hill

Welcome to Growbox Hill
Welcome to Growbox HIll!

Friday, October 14, 2011

Yeah, nothing going on

Been a while again since I put up an entry.. Really not much going on.

Winds have brought down more big ass branches to clean up. The fruit trees have pretty much shaken down all of their fruit.
I have discovered that not all the maple trees in the yard are the same kind. Some of them have already fully turned and have been dropping their red leaves, others are just now turning yellow.

The poor chickens.. Madge molted first, and now Ruby is looking scary as hell with most of her feathers missing. Even Mr. Tasty is starting to look shabby. I've collected some lovely feathers, but where ever Mr. Tasty is dropping those gorgeous tail feathers, it's still a mystery to me.
The squirrels have been in overdrive dashing here there and everywhere too. Getting ready for winter I assume.

The other weekend after the winds I picked up a full wheelbarrow of chinese chestnuts, and man they were a bitch to try to uncase while they were fresh. I kind of gave up pretty quick. But my laziness had a payoff- found out all I had to do was let them sit for a week to cure, and the casings crack open on their own, lol.

Got friends and family coming out next weekend for a prehalloween bonfire action. Looking forward to it, I bet we have enough wood stacked for several bonfires. Cleaned out the pit, so we are good to go! I figure if I'm lucky I can get mom to bless the house and my friends to help me lay down the borders so I'm prepared for halloween. My love has already printed out some pumpkins that I still need to turn into jack o lanters- they are hollow so I can fill them with salt and they will serve for upstairs wards. Still need to make the ones for downstairs, I'm going to do them in saltdough for that extra added talisman kick. Next year if I'm an attentive and lucky gardener I will have organic ones to dry for future use too. 

All in all, just not much going on to write about.