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Welcome to Growbox Hill
Welcome to Growbox HIll!

Friday, January 19, 2018

2017 preservating tally

Started 3/15
I apparently haven't really done any preserving yet... but I have been going through the shelves of canned and dehydrated good and started making some tallies. I will for sure need to make some of this year...and some stuff to be scrapped. So some catch up notes first.

Pickled zuke cubes and pickled green tomatoes are icky, don't make those again! Pepper relish is good, but the one batch I made is still hanging around, we just don't eat much relish.

We are finally down to about just a full case of jellies and jams left. I didn't make anything last year because we had so much to blow through, and we still got a lot left. A few jars will probably go to the birds this spring when they start coming in. But dang, we really are slow eaters of the stuff.

Getting down to a last few jars of salsa too... A few jars left, and probably at least a small batch of salsa will get done this year.

Enchilada sauce.. 2015 batch was 34 pints, 10 half pints. We are now down to our last two jars and will be needing much more canned up this year. I did up batches of 5-9 pints at a time in the slow cooker and then canned them up, and will do the same this year. Also was kind of nice to have mild, spicy, and smokey kinds, so will be repeating that as well.
Still have a few jars of all the other random sauces too, but not many. I might need to make up a batch of steak sauce this year. 

The half bushel of beets I did up last year looks like it will hold out till at least the end of the season when beets are available this year. Yielded a full 24 case of pint jars.

Did up a few batches of Brussels last year, about 18 pints worth, plus a couple quarts of ferments. That will likely last us till the time when they start becoming available in the fall as well.

About 15 pints of sweet and sour onions last year, and I think perhaps those will hold till 2018 canning time comes- those go a bit slower.
A few half pints of pickled jalapenos are still on the shelf too. We had a large commercial jar in the fridge to use up first. A small batch of those this year wouldn't be a bad ides.
A few jars of spicy and dilly beans, so maybe just a batch or so each of those will work nicely for this year. 

In dire need of more this year is Lemony Cauliflower, pickled mushrooms of the canned and fridge types, some spicy Mexican carrot ferment, and asparagus. Wax pepper rings, cherry bombs, and pepperonchini too. And oooh, the pickled radish and carrots, those were divine and went far too fast. And Pickled nasturtium capers- A quart and a pint is too much, a pint too little. I think this year will be a pint and a half jar.
Will be canning up some tomato sauce too depending on how things go, it's a bit lower on the list of tomato products after enchilada sauce and some salsa.

Some yums to repeat are pickled edamame, fridge pickled Asian peapods, and garlic scapes if I can.. we got no hardneck set for this year so that's pretty iffy. Lime zucchini fridge pickle spears too, damn those are good.

Dehydrating- we still got heaps of corn and kale, and various peppers of smoked and unsmoked kinds. A bunch of those are going to get ground up to restock the pantry spices, so I will need to do up a round of fresh dried hots and smoked hots, particularly the seasoning peppers I'm growing this year. Pretty stable on most everything else. Always need more mushrooms. And will for sure be drying up a quart or three of tomato slices- those sure are nice. Dead out of onions and breadcrumbs, so will need to keep an eye out for onions on sale and time to make some nice bread. And dried nasturium leaves and perhaps flowers this year. The leaves are really nice peppery herbal used like most other herbs, and I think trying out the flowers would be interesting as "finishing herbs".

Freezing- Need to keep an eye out for butter sales- 2 pounds of chive butter is for sure not enough to get us through the year. Will need to do 4 pounds this year. Don't freeze squash slices to try to make casserole later on, they suck, a lot. IQF asparagus is better than freezing them together in a vacuum sealed bag. Stock rotation has been going well and regular- we did up a last big batch of turkey stock after Thanksviging and still have some, and a couple ham stocks with bones ready to go for the next batch. Want to do a nice round of chicken stock soon. And I think I would like to keep my eye out for some good beef bones to do up a nice batch of a demi-glace cubes, and maybe if I can lay my hands on some veal bones...  that will probably happen when I can do the process in the closed solarium or even outside. The smell of roasting beef bones kind of churns my stomach, even more so if I pince them. Ew. But makes for smashing results in flavor, lol.
For whatever reason, some of the nasturtium pesto cubes were showing blooming- a white on the leaf pesto, and a greenish black on the flower pesto. Only in a couple trays, but I scrapped the whole batch just in case the other ones just weren't quite showing it yet.

Herbs- still finding it more cost effective and usable to buy dried minced garlic, thyme, and dill. Sage, rosemary, and tarragon are mostly house grown now, though in the winter we do still buy a lot of dried rosemary, and probably will keep doing so till I get that hedgerow established. Parsley is still better off commercial, but we do like to keep our kitchen box of the fresh stuff too. Homegrown oregano is likely to take over this year. Savory and marjoram are still more fresh use due to limited plants.

3/16: got some pickling done today! Hardings had a couple 12 oz bags of snap peas and a couple pound bags of organic mixed colors baby carrots for 99 cents each. So.... for about 5 bucks worth of ingredients.. Made 4 quart jars and 1 pint jar of pickles

Snap peas first. These are all fridge pickles, and take 4-6 weeks to really cure up and start tasting good.
This takes 2 cups each of water and white vinegar + 1/8 cup of pickling salt for the basic brine. I ended up making an extra half cup of just the 50/50 mix to top off the pint jar.
1 quart of Asian style snap peas: Add to quart jar
1t peppercorn
1t hot pepper flake
1-2" of ginger root, peeled and sliced
4-6 cloves garlic, peeled and left whole
2T rice wine vinegar
1 1/2T mushroom soy sauce

1 quart Hot Asian style snap peas: Add to quart jar
Same as above with pepper subsitute: 1/2 t hot pepper flake, and add a whole half of a smoked Inferno banana pepper

1 pint of Zesty Lime Asian style snap peas: Add to pint jar
5 cloves garlic, peeled and left whole
3 dried lime slices
4 smoked Aji Lemon peppers
1" garlic, peeled and sliced
1/2 t peppercorn
1 1/2 T regular soy sauce
1/12 T rice wine vinegar

On to the carrots. I used 1 pound bag per quart jar, one is a ferment, the other a fridge pickle.
1 quart of lacto-fermented carrots
Loose pack the carrots and a few springs of thyme into the jar and set aside till the brine is ready and cooled to room temp.
4 c water
1/4 c kosher salt
2-4 bay leaves
1 dried hot chili- I used 5 dried serrano halves from 2014, they were the last couple in the jar and I figured they were probably kind of heat dead by now, lol. And if it's extra spicy, that's ok too :)
Once the brine is room temp, pour off the liquid and set aside for topping off. Pour rest into jar, making sure you get all the spices into the jar first. Cap up and let ferment between 55-75 degrees for 2-3 weeks, or till the burper stops burping. Put in fridge after that and start eating.

1 quart of Zanahorias En Escabeche- use a 4 quart pot for this.
1 pound carrots
6-8 cloves garlic, peeled and whole
1 large onion, sliced on the radial
5-6 bay leaves
1 T peppercorns
1 t kosher salt
1 T dried oregano- I had a handful of fresh springs and used 1 t dried
Hot peppers, I tend to use a mix of what I got, today it's used dried sweet, 1 half each smoked sweet and hot banana, and hot banana peppers rings
2 cups each of water and white vinegar
1-2 teaspoons olive oil- just enough to lube the bottom of the pan for the saute.
Saute onions, garlic, and peppercorns on higher heat till there is some browning and the onion is just getting translucent.
Add in carrots and peppers, and saute for 5-8 minutes, just to gloss everything together.
Add in water, vinegar, salt, and bay leaves. Leave carrots to simmer till tender crisp.
Pull from heat, and leave to cool down to warm to room temp- this will finish off the cooking before it hits the fridge.
Jar up, and leave on counter for another 30-60 minutes to really get to room temp before cap up and pop into the fridge for 2-4 weeks before tasting.

Though we tried to stretch it as much as possible, used up the last of the chive butter last night. The wild chive plushies aren't quite popping up yet, they need a couple more weeks, April seems to be when I've been making batches up over the last few years.

3/26: Hardings had butter, 2 for 6 bucks. I picked up 4 for the freezer. They also had a handful of 99 cent mushrooms, so I got 3 each of button and baby portas, and made a half gallon jar of fridge pickled mushrooms.
3 pounds mushrooms
1 T whole allspice
2 T peppercorns
2 T canning salt
6-8 bay leaves
A few sprigs thyme- toss half in for the cooking, and other half into bottom of canning jar
2 medium onions, cut on radial
1 whole head garlic, peeled
2 1/2 cups white vinegar
1 3/4 cups water
Simmer up till mushrooms have reduced in size by about half, and the white button mushrooms start turning darker. Kill heat, pack jar, let cool to room temp uncovered- cap, and into the fridge for a month or so before eating.

4/15: chives are finally plush enough to make chive butter! made 4 pounds of chive butter today, it's currently in the freezer getting hard to cut into smaller sticks. I like to use an equal ratio of salted and unsalted butter, and shittons of chives, around a cup or so per pound.

4/22: made two pounds of garlic greens butter- we actually had an excess of greens!

5/8: Meijer had mushrooms 11 for 10.00, so we picked up a ton- 33 tubs of baby bellas and button mushrooms. That's 16 1/2 pounds! 3 pounds of half and half went into the dehydrator- makes 2 quart jars. 3 pounds of half and half went into making a half gallon jar of fridge pickled mushrooms.

5/9: another 3 pounds of half and half mushrooms into the dehydrator. These dried up to a full quart and a little less than a full quart- I left the not full one out for regular use.

5/10: 7 8oz jars of canned pickled mushrooms done.

5/18: 10 pint jars of pickled asparagus done, used Food in Jars recipe. Blew two of the lids while uncapping, so those went into the fridge.
Just barely had enough pickling spice to make the asparagus, so I made a quadruple batch of pickling spice. Pretty much what's in the ball book, with extra bay leaf and left out the powdered ginger and cardamom since I'm out of that. I wanted to more closely mimic the pickling spice I get at GFS than the pickling mix I often make that has more powdered ingredients. It refilled the pickling spice jar about 2/3ish full.

3-4 cinnamon sticks, crushed up in the spice grinder to a fine bark
40 bay leaves, crushed up- I used the spice grinder, and kind of filled it twice
1/2 cup mustard seed
1/4 cup whole allspice
1/4 cup coriander seeds
1/4 cup whole black peppercorns
1/4 cup dill seed
1/8 cup hot pepper flakes
4 teaspoons cloves

6/18: had a full harvest of Helios radishes badly needing harvesting. So far there's a nice large heap of small ones for fresh eating.. A full load of radish greens dehydrated to a 1 quart yield, and a couple experimental fridge pickles. A couple relishes, one called Farmer Dave's that came out in a 12 oz jar, the other 1720 Chatsworth House, which packed into a 8 oz widemouth jar. I also dried up about a pint jar of Italian pizza crust bread crumbs.

6/21: I split the Farmer Dave're relish up- the whole thing needed a bit of black pepper, and I divided the batch so I could put red pepper flake into half- the repack ended up using 2 4oz jars. Also made another batch of the 1720 relish, this time a whole pint jar.

6/25: Softneck garlic was ready to harvest! I ended up with 3 sizes of about equalish amounts. Big enough for proper curing off, 5 bundles of a dozenish heads eachare now hanging in the spare bedroom to cure. Today I sat down and peeled all the little heads, and got a heaping 4 cup measure full of tiny little heads. I pickled them whole and ended up with 6 pints of pickled garlic :) Picked all the little bulbis out of the stems, and used them to make Pickled Shoyu Garlic Bulbis for the fridge, 8 oz jar. Peeled up some medium heads and made a batch of Italian sweet pepper and garlic mix for the fridge.

8/14: Geez, have I lagged behind with entries. Around mid-July we got in some of our earliest summer squashes- I did a half-gallon jar of fridge lime-zukes, and a pint and a half jar of spicy lime-zukes.
We have run out of nast capers :(. The radish relishes are awesome and long gone. Cracked into the pickled garlic- they have skins, but nice sized perfect cloves come out when pinched just about as easily as when you roast garlic. The Shoyu Garlic Bulbis is almost gone, those were extra spectacular- more reason to start a nice mother patch or few out back.
Toothache plant- just put the third dried batch in the freezer this morning. A few weeks ago I picked the first flush, about a quart dried. Second flush yielded up about quart and a half dried. Third flush about a quart dried. 
Anywho, today... The garden is growing in, and got a dozen beautiful fresh picked Ambrosia ears of corn yesterday.  So this morning I shucked and cut off the kernels- none of us like eating on cob much. Got a nice quart of kernels in the fridge to make some chowder with, and another quart or so in the freezer for later. And five quarts of lovely corn stock, yum. Gonna use a quart for the chowder, but then four for the freezer. And the first good flush of Roman Candle Tomatoes were ripe, loosely filled 3 trays on the dehydrator- the rest of the tomatoes, Freds and Roman Candles, that we don't eat up tomorrow will be put in a Ziploc bag for the freezer to keep till I get more tomatoes in.

8/15: 1 quart, 1 pint of portabella mushrooms dried up

8/23: First flush of tomatoes is in! Got 6 pints of Smokey Spicy Enchilada sauce in a couple half gallon jars cooling on the counter to go in the fridge overnight to cure up. Already have the next batch of Freds cored and in a container for the next batch, this one is going to be a mild garlic. Pulled 10 pounds of tomatoes to the freezer to make a big batch of Garlic salsa with.

8/24: Got 6 pints of Mild Garlic Enchelada sauce in a couple half gallon jars cooling to go into the fridge to cure up. The farm stand had lovely large heads of fresh cauliflower for 3 bucks each- the salsa tomatoes will stay in the freezer for now, I'm going to be canning up a couple heads worth of lemony cauliflower first.

8/25: 14 half pints of Mild Garlic Enchelada sauce canned. Full pint of hot pepper powder ground up and in the pantry.

8/26: 14 half pints of Smokey Spicy Enchilada sauce canned, 6 pint and a half of Lemony Cauliflower canned.

8/27: a quart jar of fridge Milwaukee pickles- I froze up brine a while back, and am doing a jar of fresh cuke spears to see how well or not it flavors up.  Set up another crock of enchilada sauce, this time just regular to do pints with. It yielded low, about 5 1/2 pints, because I used more romans than freds.

8/29: Got the next batch of regular sauce in the fridge, it yielded a high 7 pints.. so I will get my dozen pints canned off.

8/30: Got a round of hot peppers smoked off and in the dehydrator.

8/31: Got 12 pints of enchilada sauce, and 8 half pints of pickled edamame done.  There's one half pint of edamame that didn't seal that makes for 9, it's in the fridge. The peppers have been pulled and are lovely. I smoked off 6 pie tins of Roman Candles, it's in 3 trays on the dehydrator now. I topped then quartered them off because they are so nice and long. Two tomatoes of 8 quarters per pie tin, 2 smoked pie tins per dehydrator tray. Overnight drying to get them really good and crispy before vacuum sealing off.

9/2-4: The tomato trays ended up fill a 1 quart jar when done, they took forever. Got a batch of 14 half pints of Flaming Fred enchelada sauce done, and 5 pints of sloppy joe sauce.

9/8: 2 quarts, 1 half pint of Italian sauce cooked up and chilling in the fridge. 6 pints of enchilada sauce chilling in the fridge.

9/12: 6 pints, 5 half pints of Italian sauce, 6 pints of enchelada sauce, and 5 pint and a half of Lemony Cauliflower canned up. 2 12 oz jars of Magic Dust, and 2 8 oz jars of Veggie powder jarred up.

9/29: 1 8 oz jar of dried Trinidad Perfume, 1 quart jar of dried Tobago seasoning, and 1 pint jar of smoked Aji Limon peppers jarred up.

10/8: 32 cubes of Ham DemiGlace in the freezer. This is a reduction from 8 quarts of heavy ham stock, so 2-4 cubes per batch of whatever. And the freezer space is about a quarter of what it normally would be. 12 oz of squash flour ground and jarred up. 

January, 2018- Gosh, I did do some preserving after the beginning of October. Got some turkey stock made and a couple rounds of dehydrating done. But now it's 2018 and I need to publish this list.. 

Thursday, January 11, 2018

White Christmas needed to stop, then it did

Well then, Mama N.

Snow started mid-day Christmas Eve... and only stopped for a couple hours here for two weeks. The neighbors were kind enough to push us a few times through the snow.. at one point I went out and measured the snow standing on the birdfeeders..... over 15 inches of snow, and that was before the last heavy couple days of snowfall.. We usually get this much snow over the winter, sometimes a lot at a time.. but this was the first year we have been hit for so long without any break with so much snow buildup. And the whole time we were in a deep cold spell- I'm really happy I got the bug to really cap all the windows inside this fall, I think it really made a difference heating-wise during this cold snowy spell.
Well then.. today we hit an almost record breaking high of 60. All the snow is melted off except for the big plough pileups here and there. Springtime warm with a lot of fog off the remaining snowdrifts. Fine day to finally get out south and hit the craft stores.
Tonight we are under a winter storm watch.. cold front moving in leaving us with an inch or two of white.

I'm glad I got out today while I did. I got some excellent deals at the craft stores today. A 45 dollar Lemax jeweler for only 8 bucks. And a stack of organizers on sale. Some at Michaels at 50% sale+25% off total purchase coupon. And a couple of 30% ones at Jo-anns- had a 5 bucks off total purchase too for there. I'm accumulating enough little bits to make minis and minis building up to need some more reasonable storage for it all, lol.
Been working on some projects- I got a set of large market boxes done, and drafted up and made a new small market box set. A four set of ploughmans boards. Working on a half dozen fish and chips, and a bunch of bits to pull together into brown paper bag lunches.

Making a jewelers display counter. Because while I was making that, was thinking about what to display naturally.. and started checking around online more for inspiration than anything else. Holy fuck. If I thought mini food and some other minis stupidly expensive and I got skill enough to suit myself... mini jewelry is just insane. Relearned how to use a regular wire jig to downscale to make tiny jewelry. And had the dickens of a time finding flocked paper today to make mini displays with. Found some small sheets of flat black only. Found a couple sheets of an odd pressed white stuff on clearance that might work nice too. Everything else is flats/matts and glitters right now.

I've been taking a bunch of pics and notes of stuff while making things recently. More to keep track of what I'm doing while building than anything else. Might post up some tutorials for future reference soon..

Sunday, December 31, 2017

Happy New Years!

2017 was an interesting year. Saw accomplishments and failures... joys and happiness and sorrow and anger... Some significant life changes while life went on mostly as it does out here. A mixed bag of a year that I'm not happy or sad to see pass into yesteryear.

Growbox Hill saw an expansion of property this year, something we have been working on for a few years now. It's our dreams coming to fruition. This years big 2018 resolution is to take over the stable to work into gardening and harvest shed, and securing the immediate stableyard for the larger scale garden plot. Not sure what else comes yet now, some plans changed unexpectedly early this spring.
Lost mom and sis this year- that was unexpected. They are back in our home state now, tucked in for the winter. That was a bit of a dream shatter that I'm still reeling a bit from. Our boy moved out too, also fairly unexpected in the timing of it. Not quite as much of a shatter though, I always knew sooner or later he would figure stuff out and eventually move out. But all in all, quite the tailspin.
The gardens did well this year- but then it was kind of a take it easy on the growing in favor of getting beds in order kind of year. Glad I got that pretty much done, well worth it. A smaller resolution for 2018 is to try to remember not to grow so much, lol. I've already culled out about half my seedstock that I'm going to toss into the freezer to put on deep hold for a couple years while I get worked through the other half. The hopeful seed collection of yesteryears have now stabilized and hit the point of this rotation- a very good thing indeed, 2018 will mark Growbox Hills first seed vault year :)
Was bummed that I completely missed faire for the first time in over half my life. So many dear friends that I miss that I only get to see then. I'll need to get out that way once or twice in the coming year... Heh, need to unpack storage too in the coming year :)
Hurt myself good in July- the kind of hurt that as an adult you know is going to last a while. Been working on it- it's a slow going thing. 2018 resolution is don't make that shit worse, lol.
Gen-con was cool. Done it a couple times now so it was a bit old hat. I heard a rumor that it might be moving out of Indy in the future to somewhere bigger. Also heard they are contracted till at least 2021, so here's to going to more Gen-cons in the future.
My love's computers and printing have come together wonderfully, and I hope 2018 sees some sales starting to happen on the great gardening and surveillance tec he's been making over at KnowESys. The little ninja bots are adorable, and the harpoon a formidible and useful tool :) Ninja Smoke and Cyborgro
Got the opportunity to make a friend and get a sort of part time job this year. Went out to my favorite and only good local bead shop- that also happens to be a fave garden nursery, The Enchanted Bead  The lady that runs the place is great. This spring we struck up a conversation, and now I'm working the occasional day here and there for her through the year. This summers first annual trunk show was a lot of fun, and I'm looking forward to next years.
My love of Fortune's Turning has been creeping back. Over the year I've slowly gathered together materials on the cheap and started getting into mini making over the last couple months. A lot of learning and relearning techniques. Getting pretty good with the changeouts between the three more common scales. If I keep this up, I think there's potential that my etsy shop might reopen next year with a line of Fortunes Turning Minis. Maybe.
Today I've baked this years last loaf of bread- wheat, packed the last of this years leftovers into the freezer- spicy sausage and orzo ragout. The sun is starting to slant over the snow and it's time to get ready for our New Years Eve dinner.

I hope we all see each other through the year to come, and well into many years to come. Happy New Years!

Thursday, December 28, 2017

More mini's- making stuff and scales

So I just made a post that had a ton of pics of stuff I've been making lately. I touched on a bit of rant about cost of things and scales... Because by george a lot of mini's can be expensive, and not right on the scale.
I have pretty much never paid full price for any of my village stuff. Michaels, Joanns, and Menards are usually the only regular stores that carry village stuff, though sometimes I've found things at the local Rite Aid and Walgreens, lol. But I wait till the stuff goes on sale, or I got the good coupons- or best is when I got both going on :) I've gotten a lot of stuff from thrift and resale shops too, a lot of good stuff. And sometimes in the process, I've had to revamp stuff, or fix broken stuff... and that's led into making stuff. Because eff that if I'm gonna pay 5 bucks on sale for something I can make myself for way less. And well, I like making stuff like this. Sooner or later maybe someone will want to buy stuff I make :)

So then scale- I have a bit of range of scale in Fortunes Turning. With American villages in general like Lemax and Dept 56, the buildings are actually small for the figures and details that are sold with the buildings. The buildings are around 1:48-1:64 scale range, people are 1:24-1:32 scale range. While figures tend to be about 2 1/2" tall, doorways tend to be about 2" tall. So there's already some fudging around with the scale there village collectors have to deal with.
When doing the details... 1:6 scale is HUGE- this is often called re-ment size or Barbie Doll size. 1:12 scale is tooo big, that's the scale for regular dollhouses. 1:16 scale is popular among tabletop players- but like all gaming stuff, stupidly expensive for pretty much anything. 1:24 scale can be harder to find and much more expensive than 1:12 stuff is.

What does all of this mean then? Some photos...

I had ordered a couple cheap sets of dishes off Ebay- white plastic, 33 pieces for 99 cents, some gold kettles and clear glasses were similar deals. I wanted to get a feel for what all the range in size stuff was when figuring all this out. I was gifted with a lovely brass set from my sis and mom, bought one of the standard silver mini sets from Michaels, and use various jewelry findings here. Keep in mind all this is laid out on about a 5 inch wide space, with items ranging from Barbie doll size down to the size of the standard figure and table from my village. Sister Mercy is my regular model.

Same setup, different angle. The multi compartment round dish and gold kettle are the regular Barbie size pieces, meant to be a regular big kettle and serving tray. They will end up be parts of street scenes, something like giant soup kettle and dim sum dish, or something.. The rest of the white dishes give scale, note the stacked bowls- the biggest ones are regular Barbie bowls, while the tiny brass one is a regular bowl on the scale I use. The glasses range from the giant beer glass down to little jewelry findings serving as small mugs. In the foreground is a variety of jewelry findings and one of the 1" cutting boards I make.

Utensils. On the left- the gold ones are part of the kettle set, the spoons are Barbie spoons, and the other two are a couple of little jewelry charms. On the right are things, I've made- the spoons are actually little ball bails. I can get 100 spoons for the price of the 4 on the left, heh. On the right are knives I've done with foil and fimo, and pounded wire tiny knives. On the bottom are pounded wire handles- not all dishes need the bottom of the utensil showing, just the handle sticking out. Easy and cheap to make.

A bit more simple now. On the top of the table are the stack of dishes and their right scale spoons. On the seat is an empty finding and two finished platters. On the bottom is an empty board, and two finished boards. If you notice, the white dish on the top is Barbie sized, and the platter on the bottom is only a little larger and holds a whole scene.

A closeup for scale. Same sized bread pieces. On the left is the Barbie sized plate and spoon, in the middle is dollhouse scale, and on the right is Sister Mercy's dish scale. The bread is cut on half to fit on her plate nicely.

Pulling it together...

Standard street scene. You don't really notice how much the people outscale the buildings.

And the difference between night and day-

A random food pic- this shows the scale of the regular food I can get online, vs the scale I actually need...

On the top, the carrot and potatoes on the left are standard, the ones on the right the ones I've made. On the bottom, the standard egg on the right, and my egg on the left.

Time for some mini's

Been a while since I've posted anything. House has been quiet, not much going on. Winter is well and truly here. Amusingly enough, I still have yellow mums blooming in the solarium.

For weeks now most of my time has been in creating minis. My arm still isn't up to snuff for some of the more regular winter labors, but it's working well enough for this. And I've been feeling the creativity flowing, so I work it when I got it, right? 

Been collecting and watching tutorials, pinning a crapton of stuff on pintrest for a while now. Ebay and Etsy have been great sources of inspirations. But whew boy a lot of the little foods and detailings like that are frigging expensive!!! I mean seriously, I pay about 20 bucks max for large buildings that I can't make myself, and someone wants 15 bucks for a couple little pies? Nuh-uh. Some of these miniatures are absolutely breathtaking, but I just can't justify shelling out like that when I can make it myself. And I also have a lot of difficulty finding these on a small enough scale- most stops at 1:12, and I need more like 1:16. So a small dish in 1:12 is a serving dish to my scale. 
Anywho, been making stuff :) I'm going to post a couple posts about this, since they are going to be photo-heavy.

So some of my completed projects first....
 Cheeseboard, this is on a 1inch square board. A variety of cheeses, meats, and olives.

 Another pic of the same board, from a different angle to show all the goodies on it.

 Another 1 inch board, this one has roast beef and swiss with muststard sandwiches being made on it.

 A tasty platter of fish.
 A large bowl of salad with cold meats and eggs, and a Hawaiian bowl of meat and such.

 Fresh sliced lemons.

 A couple griddles of breakfast and lunch offerings with a bowl of broccoli crowns.

 Some various stew bowls and one pot eats.

 A variety of tortes.

 The new bakery stand full of sweets with some savory and "unfinished" pies in the foreground.

 A closeup of the bottom row. Boards of little sweets and toasts with fresh fruits and jellies. Pies of various sorts.

 Top of the bakery stand, with several more pies.

 The new sausage display. I has already had most of the meats made from a few months back, and needed a display for them all :)

 A closeup of a couple of the roasts, buckets of olives, and bins of fish and sausage.

 A spice stall, with hanging scale and full of various real spices.

The other end of the stall. 
Detail of stall.
 Middle of the stall.

Counter end of the stall.

Apparently I didn't take pics of the fabric rolls and new cutting table I made. Ah well, that can be for another time. So these are some of the mini's I've been making to go into Fortunes Turning.

I'm going to make another post now, which gets into things like the scales of things, and the materials I've been using to make this stuff.