Welcome to Growbox Hill

Welcome to Growbox Hill
Welcome to Growbox HIll!

Monday, September 24, 2018

It's been a cruel summer

I haven't posted in weeks, months. Too much going on. And trying to cope with it all.

Spring started out good.. working with the bead shop/nursery with a good friend. Picking up some work :) Then some fiscal shit started hitting the fan, time to get more serious job action. Got a regular second shift full time job kicking off the fourth of July weekend.. then the lawn tractor started blowing white smoke and don't know enough about small engine repair.. and lawn went to shit..

Meanwhile, the gardens went crazy and not.. and now it's time of cold coming up and dunno how to make time out of no time.

got the two weedy raised beds of tomatoes cleaned out today at least.

Friday, June 1, 2018

Summer on.. working done...

It's the first of June, and we just got a nice heat break.
I got the allium round cleaned up and planted in with a couple fresh lavender and a bunch of nast seedlings for once the bulbs die back and the bed looks dead.. while the butterfly bush grows up and in.
Chatted with mom for a while today.. good to hear her voice. They got goodness going on.

Sadly and tragic.. time has come to pack away the fleecy frocks of the cold.. and kitties best snuggly content.. but hooray comes the days of hanging clothes out on the line, and summer cottons and silks..  hanging linens and rugs out on the line... having windows open to the good smells outdoors and blowing in.....

Have been taking a lot of pics of the yard and such.. will post soon with photo's.. wanted to just post a quick post while I was thinking about it.

Spring blooms are past bloom, and time for digging in, digging out, and such. Irises are coming into some full glory.. daylilies havent' started popping yet.. though now my 3 bins of 13 each of the initial dozen free has been added to by four. Almost all of my sown seed had popped. More or less.

Growbox Hill is still alive and kicking.. working on it.. 

Friday, May 25, 2018

It's been a hard days light.. and I've been working like a dog..

Another full yard day. In the AM hours while the day was cool and shade was good got the front yards, garden walks, and finally the old orchard was dry enough to mow today. Then stowed the mower to let the ole gal rest.. trying to eek out as much of the mower deck belt as I can- not the cost so much but dropping the deck and working off an old belt and the new one on is.. painful, lol.

Then into shade time.. made a new compost bin cage today in the shade on the driveway. Cut a pair of 17 squares/3ft panels off the 6' wide welded fence and then stitched the panels together in a round- First cage I did was square, and took 8 posts. Round configuration only takes 6 posts. Dropped that onto the west end of the north fenceline to start filling up. And weeding out the asparagus bed, garlic bed, and perennial bed sections dumped a goodly amount of weeds into the bottom of the new bin.

The asparagus bed..  I could tell where the wet or shade vs dry and dead areas under the solarizing plastic was. After weeding out, I laid the clear plastic and boards right down again. The front edge I will fill in with more resina calendula.
But the rest of the bed I'm caging in a bit and planning on cleaning out the stable stalls of their poop and straw into the bed... then letting it cook in for a year with dead leaves and good grass mowing.

Up in the morning is another round of mowing.. then a visit with my mum :) I love that woman. Then into the later afternoon hours will be rounds of yard again.

And ooohhh spooky 13 :) over the last couple days...

My free dozen daylilies from GH Wild turned out to be more like 39 daylilies and 3 hostas so far.... I counted 38 nibs with good roots at first and quick planned 3 shallow blue bins from my anticipated 1 bin of most places stuff...
But when dropping in roots to the 3 bins, turned out each one of them was 13.

In the shuffle, needed to move the candy lilies to other bins, and opted to pluck them into 3 bins on the kennel porch. I grew these from seed last year and need to dig up gardening notes. But I had 13 double fan clusters ..

I joked around with my love.. but then today I was on my garden plans.. I had three unopened packs of garden stakes of four each... and one random loose stake. To total 13. I use even amounts of stakes, and hunted high and low.

Anywho.. my fingers hurt from digging up the beds.. and dinner making time is nigh...

Thursday, May 24, 2018

Great weather.. so much gardening

Haven't posted in weeks, been really busy and just not feeling like writing about stuff.

Since I last wrote at the end of April.. My love and I celebrated our 5 year wedding anniversary! We got to celebrate my brothers birthday, and see mom and sis and their new digs which are very cute :) We are in relatively good health.
Public parks are going smoothly, almost. Getting a lot of new stuff like grills and garbage cans, new playground equipment at one park... Mama N was nice and restored the beach at one park, but took away the beach at another park.

Weather has been so fine all the tomatoes and peppers I coddled along have long been put into the raised beds or containers. Cept for one sad spare Fred that got decapitated on a windy day and has been making a slow recovery on the porch, lol.

And the garden scramble is on... the stableyard almost ate my lawnmower, and I have a sucktacular amount of dock growing in amongst the almost natural river, sigh....  and the riding ring is rather soggy. The neighbors haven't done a jot to start cleaning up the stable, but I'm about to start moving in anyway.
Mowing seriously needs to be done.. it was wet enough long enough that I finally got most of what is mostly dry done- and it already needs mowing while the wet stuff is almost dry enough to mow.

The first composting bin is finally full to the top! Or at least it is enough for now that I need to start setting up more bins.. good thing I already picked up the mesh for it. The kennel beds are fully cleaned out and planted in... resina calendula and scented geraniums around the borders, true red cranberry, yard long asparagus beans, Edens gem, rich sweetness, and golden midget melons, marketmore cukes and Mexican sour gherkins, sunset runner beans to mix in with the sweet peas on the porch trellis.... hops are looking mighty hoppy, lol.
Astra zukes and dill are filling the spot that was left empty in the raised bed when a particular tomato didn't sprout.. I was a good kid and not tempted to overdo the tomatoes this year.

The solarium surround is getting worked on, got lots of bulbs to go in. Got a bunch of free windows to play with for making a greenhouse out back. Been working with my buddy that runs the local bead and plant shop with more work coming up.

Been working on stuff for Fortunes Turning and various Nightvale and Summerdale action....

Just gosh... and now I gotta bail off and get cleaned up to go to a meeting about our local cemeteries...

I really need to take some pics to post of everything, lol :) 

Monday, April 30, 2018

So much stuff..

Rounds of seeds and plants, bulbs and weather, birds and critters... Sheesh.

Been keeping decent records of seeds... right now the biggest of the pepper plants are newly transplanted and in the solarium today to settle in for a couple weeks. The tomatoes coddled along inside yet. Two greenhouses set up on the porch and filled with foxgloves, calendula, volias, geraniums, coleus, and pansies. Open windows today in a few rooms to let the warm breeze through, and tommorow better yet.

I need to take time and scribe down my written notes into blogging here. Charge up the camera and take some pics.

But I haven't forgotten to write up here on Growbox Hill... just been too busy taking care of many things to really sit down and write about it all..

Been building mini's- right now is making patriotic flags, banners, and such for upcoming rebuild of Summerdale.

Been working a lot with some native plant research and local parks action. Been working on a lot of other there too..

Got some awesome news from some family out of less than awesome things... A few ladies of my clan that have been undergoing some bad things have now been able to move on with good things.