Welcome to Growbox Hill

Welcome to Growbox Hill
Welcome to Growbox HIll!

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Just a rambling kind of post.

Squash row is looking good. Haven't had a mound die off yet. Even a few of the corn are actually looking like corn- I'm devoutly hoping for at least three plants worth of seed. I think between watering the mounds and filling my homemade reservoirs it's going to work out ok.
Veggies look pretty good too. Think I might have lost a pepper or two, perhaps one tom. I dunno yet about the seed paper action. Nothing has started poking up through the grass, so still waiting.
The peonies down in the ditch look like they have puked out.
The herb garden is looking great!! Every single plant is thriving, yay!
Dunno about the FOH garden. Moss grows super slow, and probably too soon to tell if the snapdragon seed is going to sprout or not yet.
The yellow morning glories were killed :( The blue morning glory died :( But the reunion isle morning glory and moonflowers look good :)

And um yeah, the deadwood fence still looks frigging fabulous!!! Even if the jewel nasts don't take up on it this year, and it remains bare... still looks wonderful. I still have my milkmaids in pots, and I can easily get long vine nasts I like for next season. I think perhaps the stump will hold a polite private property sign and a light above the sign. A solar light of some sort of course.

We got a handful of new water tools today. Got a blade sprinkler for down at the beds. And a two pack of trigger sprayers. One has a multihead, the other is an old fashioned. I broke my trigger sprayer, and though I like my wand sprayer, some tasks just are easier using a trigger.
And a circular sprinkler- the kind that you can change the spray patterns on for up by the house and the odd shaped gardens up here. I watered the herb garden, snapdragon corner, and moss beds already. Tomorrow will be the other beds.

On the tec front... My love got in some cool valve bits.. and we now have a water sensor set up on the solarium pond so when the water level drops (and it does) the sensor sends a message to the valve, valve opens, and a lovely new jet of water replenishes the pond. He has also been working on a cool bucket water/nute feeding system too. Totally cool for hydroponics, yep. But also very cool for outdoor gardens too.
Old world tec: using basement air to help cool the house. We had to get a little AC unit for the downstairs, but now we are setting up a big box fan at the top of the half door opening to the basement to suck some of that cold air up and into this side of the house. And another box fan to help move the air between the two.
It's been a dry winter into a dry spring, and now onto a dry summer. Not that I wish for nasty weather, but a bit of rain would be nice. Just enough to do a good allover yard watering. I think the dry weather has really gotten our heads into thinking about what to do best with the water and time we do have around here. Makes me extra glad we cleared up all of the wood and jungle issues on the property. Even in the Midwest, Defensible Space has meaning. If it ain't against water and critters in wet seasons, in dry seasons its fire and critters.

Stuff I need to get off my kiester and do.. Plant in the gourds. I do need a couple barrows of grass mulch grown up first. And now that I have a fancy sprinkler head, I can really soak in that area before busting it up more. The gourds are still hanging on ok in their pots, but still, the sooner the better.
Plant in the dill for the same reason.
Need to do a general round of mowing, but I also need to leave a couple delayed mow spots to mow in a week or two to keep up with my mulching needs, lol.
Do a good watering, stabbing, and such to the compost pile. That can be watered in in a round with the gourd watering area.
Do a general cleanup of all the dead pots from spring.

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