Welcome to Growbox Hill

Welcome to Growbox Hill
Welcome to Growbox HIll!

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Wow, time for catchup!!

Well, we got some rain, glorious rain!!

Had a front move in last Wed night into Thurs morning. I was betting the rain was going to split to the north and south, and when it was rolling it it was quite the light show while I could still see stars overhead. Then slowly, clouds rolled over us.. then suddenly a cool gust hit the house and little splatters.. then a goodly half hour to hour of hard rain, followed by gentler rain till just before dawn.


Then on Thurs I left early to go to my family for an OUTSTANDING visit.. and when I got back yesterday evening.. Wow, I have a lot of catchup. The lawn has gone from crispy and lagging to a full field of wild carrot blooms. It's quite lovely but seriously needs to be mowed down. The herb garden looks more like a weed bed- didn't put enough mulch in there. But hey, that's fresh greens for the compost pile.
The rows look good- probably mostly because my love stayed home and watered the gardens real well while I was gone- bet they all would have died without his care.
I was figuring on mowing today.. but we got in more rain during the night so everything was too wet. Forecast looks like more rain off and on till Sat. So I might just have to let the lawn go crazy till then, but hell no I'm not complaining. It's extra mulch, hahaha.
We sooo need the rain. But the moment it is dry enough to start mowing I have to do so- I sooo also don't want a jungle yard again.

The surveyors have been in to mark off the property line between the easement drive and the neighbors to the south. They came out initially while I was gone but were back today to put in some markers. For several reasons, the time has come to put up the final segment of fence between our property and theirs. It may make us look like an unfriendly property from the street by being flanked by fences, but it also will clearly and legally define us from other activities. I was told there's a quote of "Good fences make for good neighbors" and that just may be the case. Well, for some neighbors. I honestly think a lack of fence between us an our east neighbors makes for better neighbor action too.

Got some of the news and plans spread around this weekend for the wedding. I saw a LOT of family this weekend :) I now know I got a couple carboys of good homemade brew, and I'm hoping that my loves parents can bring some wine- his folks have wonderful taste in wines. Been letting people know about my potluck concept so I don't have to explain so much in the invites. And telling the campers I know about camping action.
And thank goodness for my sister mon fluer.. geez I didn't realize how much I didn't know about invite action! And yay, she just has downsized her paper arts, not given them up completely and she is willing to work up some nice stuff for me.
So now it's me word invite- my new mom translating into german- my sister bear writing it up in calligraphy- my sister mon fluer making some fancy invites and stuff. And I think I'm still printing off the other instruction letter for the invites. Wow, for being low key my invites are really turning out to be very cool. And getting a few of my ladies involved, which I think is great :)
And I also have a good idea on what my gown is going to be.. fucking sweet.

So I got to get busy for the rest of the week. I can still pull weeds even if I can't mow. Now I have a much better idea of what I need to start working on in the workshop. Now I have a much clearer idea of what I need to keep my eye out for when I go for bottle returns. And now I know just what/how I need to word up for invite stuff for it's rounds.

And on the crafty side.. my garb for the weekend went really well. I'm pretty pleased with how my new Tawny turned out, and my Shii was great too! I will have to post up some pics later once I have everything unpacked and clean and all. Shii is something I made long ago that I hadn't worn in a long time. But I was particularly pleased with the way my new Tawny vest and skirt turned out.
My accoutrements were courtesy of Bad Bear. And I got to take them home with me! Thank you to Bad Bear, you made my nice garb fantastic!

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