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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Wow, had to call the cops...

Had some strange going on, and I actually had to call the cops today.

A couple weeks ago, some guys were delivering phonebooks, dropping them on the porches. One was going house to house, and the other was driving the car as they went along. Well, you bet my watchful ass caught sight of this, and I answered the door and got the phone book from him. He then went and hung a book on the other door before running back down the driveway and getting into the car. The guy didn't look old enough to be out of high school, and it was the middle of a weekday.
I thought this was pretty darn odd, but hey, maybe out here the phone book folks are nice like that right? Even though we had gotten our other phone book in our mailbox.
Went into town shortly after that, and tried to notice bagged books on porches. I was sort of surprised at how few there were, maybe there are more people around their homes during the day than I realized?
So ok, we thought the whole thing smacked of something really not right, but then it wasn't really not right enough to call the cops, or even mention it to the neighbors really.

Now today... Same car put puts down the road and coasts up the driveway of the Fontanos. All the way up to the garage. But then my love was standing in his office window, and they promptly put put coasted right back out of the driveway and then took off the same direction they came from. And really creep putting, the engine sounded like either it wasn't getting enough gas and he had to keep revving to keep it running, or the guy wasn't good at driving stick so slow and was gassing funny to keep it from stalling.. Just really distinctive and not what the car sounded like once they got up to speed when back on the road.

We are almost positive it was the same car that dropped off the phone books. Mid to late 80's angular square shitbox, all red except for a flat black hood, with tinted rear triangle windows. Nope, clueless as to what model it was, I am not that good with all makes and models.
Didn't see the hood the first time, but those back windows were distinctive enough to trigger recall.
My love and I talk about it, and yeah, he thinks it's the same car too, and it really did act oddly this time.

So, I called my neighbor. He's a volunteer cop, so I figure he can tell me if this is something to worry about or not. I chatted with his wife, and find out that no, phone book droppers are not supposed to do porch drops, they are supposed to do mailbox drops. The guys were probably fishing that day. They were probably doing a porch check next door- good thing the Fontanos had indeed stopped by between then and now, they snuck in and out the other night when there was so much snow. They might not be my favorite neighbors, but hey, I don't want anyone getting tapped if I was paying attention and could have prevented it.
So her advice was- she would for sure call it in, so yeah, I probably should. So I did. I have never before in my life had to call in something like this. I felt kind of stupid, like I was over assuming, but it was just so strange, and I wasn't the only one who thought that.

Wow, had to call the cops.

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