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Welcome to Growbox Hill
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Saturday, April 20, 2013

Time keeps on slipping...

So, whats new?

Rain, rain, and more rain, lol. Peeks of sunshine here and there though, and the temps keep plugging up! We are getting some flood warnings, and it shows in some areas.. But you know what? The pond is actually sitting at it's proper level at the moment, no dropped banks at all. We shall see how it all soaks in, lol. But the sump pump is keeping up, knock on wood. Discovered a leak in the back great room doors which sucks.

But today we picked up our license and bands, so exciting :) And I got my arm band done, not positive if I really like it or not, but it looks pretty good so I'm not disappointed, hehe. The pattern was made with a slightly smaller arm in mind and I didn't realize that, but now I can put in a notation to add in a couple more segments for if I ever need to make one again.
Spent a day finally getting my ass in gear and tracing off the stack of patterns I borrowed from my sister eons ago, I want to get them back to her when she comes for the day. 

We turned in another batch of glass, just a few more till the area is clean, then it's time to start turning in plastic. But hooey, the blasting ass rain made it all to clear just how much the garage leaks, makes me extra happy we changed our plans to just the tent and saving the garage when we can afford to re-roof it properly.

Finally got over to the party store and picked up plastic utensils and figured out what to do about balloons for the end of the driveway. Luckily green is a wedding color this year. Also stopped at the dollar store and picked up a couple of utensil baskets and a big pack of napkins. And some long sleeved tshirts that were on sale for two bucks each.

The McSwanums have been tending the nest for about 3-4 weeks now, they will be popping up cygnets in another couple weeks. And geez, even with the windows closed you can totally hear all the frogs peeping and peeping.

The tulips are looking wonderful, I think we might actually get some blooms on the day. It's time to move them to the ponds edge so I can free up bench space for more seed planting. The grape hyacinths are already blooming, so those will be totally blown by then. I had to move the cilantro, parsley, and dill out to the solarium to get hardy- they were getting leggy as hell indoors. The basil is doing really well indoors though, so much so I think I'm going to divide the cans up into more. Give them another couple weeks to grow up. And start another big pot for the house, I keep forgetting about planting up for the house.

Dinner tonight is just a meaty tomato sauce pulled from the freezer with some pasta and frozen veggies on the side. Been lazy, hehe.

Ok, so it's a couple days later, hehehee.

I got our handkerchiefs embroidered, they didn't turn out too bad for just a quickie tear rag, heh.  Got my belt for my dress mostly done- still not positive if I want to do a smidge more beading or not before I sew it closed and put the clasp on, and I still have to decide which clasp I like best for it.

Went out grocery shopping today, and probably spent way too much money. But now we have a fully stocked pantry and freezer again, so that's good. I probably won't need to do serious shopping again till June cept for some fresh stuff. But all the good stock up stuff was on sale when I went in, so there I went :) TONS of mushrooms on clearance at Hardings and Meijer- I have the first dehydrator full going right now, mostly buttons and a tray of "gourmet" blend. Got some packages of baby portabellas, stuffing buttons, and enoki in the fridge to start up as soon at this bit is done. It's a good thing, cuz we are down to half a jar left of dried mushrooms. Took us a few months to burn through them. And just gack, we really need to start growing our own shrooms- even picking them up on sale, I know we can grow better cheaper.
Hardings also had fresh strawberries and frozen mixed berries on sale, so I am going to be making up a batch of berry preserves either tomorrow or Monday.
Also picked up an air popper on clearance- no more expensive and bad for you microwave popcorn, and no more on the stove popcorn, yay!!

Started a new bunch of seed. Reseeded marigolds and radishes, potted up Compacto Dill, Bouquet Dill, Mammoth Dill, cilantro, two kinds of basil. Moved all the tulip pots to the ponds edge too. Still need to repot the basil for favors, but I waited a touch too long, and they were looking a little wilty for want of water, so I watered them good and they are looking fine again. Also potted up the first round of catgrass for favors too. We shall see how they look in a few days to judge when to start the next set of cans. Hehehe, I used recycled cat food cans for the cat grass, thought that was kind of cute. And I used recycled mushroom bins for all the other potting up.

I noticed today that there is a pair of swans on the pond across the road now, the McSwanums are still happily on our pond. Looks like one of the cygnets from last year might have come back, perhaps with a mate. I wasn't too sure about that since I saw two swans on the pond, and I figured I would have only seen one if a mate was on the nest there. Who Knows? Perhaps two of the cygnets came back and they were on the pond while both of their mates were on nests.

And the weather is just... ugh. Woke up this morning to some light snow on the ground, but it worked out to be a cool but really sunny day. Tomorrow it's supposed to be even nicer out before it rains again for a while, lol. I keep hoping it will be nice for the weekend :) But the yard is starting to look verdant again, so it should be nice and green for the weekend.

Hit the dollar store again and picked up a couple of beverage tubs for the sparkling drinkables- a plain silver one for us, and a red one that I'm going to paint up with some symbols for the clerics bucket- shes deathly allergic to alcohol, so I picked up some sparkling juices for her :)

And it's a boys weekend, so lazy butt cooking for me tonight. Sloppy joes and tater tots, mixed veggies on the side...

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