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Welcome to Growbox Hill
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Monday, May 6, 2013

Fantastic weekend

So, the last couple of days up to the weekend were filled with doing stuff and cleaning stuff... And whew, it was a fantastic weekend!

I did get all the seeds planted up for the hops project on Thursday- I wanted to get those started. Luffas, Top Crop bean, Hutterite Soup Bean, Gold Marie Bean, White Marrowfat bean, all for putting into the ground. Alibi cuke, Fin de Meaux cukes, Little Marvel pea, Sweet Sugar pea, Tigger Melon, Minnesota Midget melon, Bushel gourd, and Long Island Cheese squash for containers.

The weather worked out for us. No rain, and it was nice and warm and sunny all weekend. Mama N decided to bless our union with her golden rays after all :)

Friday was all about putting up the tent, and getting stuff set up inside, people showing up and setting up camping... And yeah, finally got the frosting of my cake done. Then Friday evening, the food started to flow, and the beer started to flow... And good times kicked in. We had a rather respectable bonfire :)
The polterabend was super fun- I know there will be pics coming to us of people smashing china and having a damn fine time doing it. The shards we cleaned up will go into some of the containers so that our luck will be part of our growing for years to come. Hehehe, apparently I was up till three till I was chased off to bed to get some sort of sleep for the big day.

Then the big day!! Woke up a bit hungover, a bit hoarse from all the hooting and hollering the night before, but not too bad. Emotions were high, had a little meltdown at one moment, but heh, what bride doesn't? The cats weren't too thrilled at being locked up in our room, but couldn't risk them getting out.
Everyone looked fantastic! Really a wonderful springtime wedding party. And I felt like a golden goddess of spring in my gorgeous dress. But really, the ceremony is a bit of a blur of happiness and giddy crying, and drowning in the autumnal pools of depthless love of my hubbys eyes. All I could do was just be amazed at how much I love him, and just be so happy I thought my heart would burst.
Then after in the reception line, all of my loved ones being so happy, and so happy for us, it made me want to cry all over again.
Then it was picture time. The magnolia was in full bloom and looking wonderful, badass!! Great backdrop for the pics.
Then it was time for food, and drink, and let the party begin!! Sooooo much food, some of it didn't even get put out! Which was completely perfect, we wanted everyone to bring food to pass and share the joy, and by the spread that was set up, everyone was very joyous indeed! And good, everything was oober yummy. Now we have a overly well stocked fridge to eat through this week- which really is a rather nice wedding present in itself, I don't have to cook for a week :) Well, I do need to make stock from the turkey carcass...
The cake cutting was fun, and hehehe, the certificate signing was funny.
The tree planting was lovely and wonderful. Thought it would just be the few of us doing it- kind of forgot that as the wedding couple, everyone would gather to watch us do everything. But it was truly spiritual, a divine blessing was called down upon that plum and I feel like it settled into the whole fruitfulness of our home in general.
After the tree, it was time to get out of my dress and into something more comfortable- I looked like a goddess, but I didn't have the omnipotent powers of full range movement in the dress, hehehe. Part of the beauty of getting married in your own home is that you have your full wardrobe available to change into.
And we had another rather respectable bonfire, that thing was smouldering a bit the next day, hehehe. But we ended up around the smaller campfire late in the evening, just soaking in the peace and contentment. And just sayin, J makes really yummy burgers... Just sayin :)
My mom knitted up the most beautiful blanket for our bed, her wedding blessing on our union. It is so soft and just stunning, roses as part of the knit pattern.

Sunday was another fine day. A few less of us hanging out, just being mellow. We got a few gifts, which is perfect since we really wanted people to bring a dish to pass. Lots of cards, which is awesome because those will be packed away in the memory box. So over coffee we opened stuff, and were touched by how just... damn nice, and sweet, and thoughtful, and loving everyone is. Not like we didn't already know that but geez, it was just so wonderful.

And now it's Monday. Figured I better make an entry because I now realize that people really do actually read this and by viewer checks since Saturday, people might be interested in how the weekend went. I feel like this entry is too short- it way does not encompass all the awesome and wonderful everything. But if I really went into it, this entry would be waaayyy too long.

Couple of big duh, should have thought of that things...

Didn't think about it folks, but with the several days of warm weather before the wedding, the ticks apparently came out. TICKS!!!!! We kind of realized this on Sunday, when a couple of folks here commented on it. Oh shit, right? So yeah, if you were here this weekend, I guess do a double check for ticks. I'm not sure, but a couple people more knowledgeable than I said they were wood ticks. But ugh, I found one in my hair last night, and my love had to pick it out, and I was freaking, yuck yuck yuck. Hate ticks, good thing I'm working in on marigolds, and damn we need to do chickens soon.

Completely forgot about a guestbook. Totally and utterly. But I do have the invite list and RSVP cards, so I have addresses... And right here, right now..

THANK YOU EVERYONE!!!!! Seriously, I know it was our day and all that jazz, but all of you celebrating with us and gifting us with your love and happiness was really what made this the most incredible weekend. It was our wedding, but it was also kind of our housewarming too- first real shinding we have thrown since moving in. I have so many private thanks to give...

A couple of special thanks that just need to be publicly said...

Thank you Bad Bear! My dress was everything I hoped for. I was truly the Spring Queen joining her Stag King. And words cannot express without getting too personal about everything else. I'll tell ya that personally :)

Thank you Brewer Chuck! Hot damn man, you are excellent. We do have a bit of brew leftover, yay! And as an extra yay, we found one bottle of wine that got lost at the bottom of a cooler. Little happy dance!

Thank you M & J... I don't even know yet what all you guys got on film, but I know it's a crapton already. You two were just perfect. M, years ago you told me this would happen, and you were right.

To all those that blessed our home this weekend, and there were a few of you ;) I wanted to give you all a public thank you, though my thanks really run deeply and privately. You are all incredible.

And just hey to my ladies.. What do we all love??? * *

But now it's time to get up and do stuff again, heh. 

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