Welcome to Growbox Hill

Welcome to Growbox Hill
Welcome to Growbox HIll!

Monday, June 3, 2013


It was a pretty mellow weekend. Got some jewelry repaired that needed to be tended to. Some beaded chains that needed links repaired, some pearls strung with new hooks.. Made a couple of necklace fobs to go with the pearls, a carnelian goldfish with quartz bubbles, and a sunstone chicken in a nest with blue pearl eggs. And replaced a hinge on a bracelet. Put a new pinback on one of my favorite hatpins, a gold leaf with clear green enameling.
Got all of my herbs that needed potting up potted. The rosemary, lemon verbena, and sweet marjoram, the half dozen lavenders. I realized since there are blooms just starting on the big lavender, I will have to wait to take cuttings on it after the flowers have died off. I will probably only be able to take a few cuttings, but few is better than none. And whatever seed the plants produce might end up becoming part of the wintersowing project. I ended up splitting the chamomile pot into two pots it was such a cluster. Split up the toothache plant into three pots, and the lemon balm into four.
I sooooooo need to get my butt in gear and start setting in the marigolds down by the firepit. And get the last of the herbs into the ground somewhere.
Wandering around outside, the Cherry Nasturtiums are coming up and setting goodly leaves now. And oohh, we have blooms on the Mr. Stripey and Black Krim tomatoes already! The beans aren't quite taking off like I thought they would, but meh, it's early in the season. The luffas are finally all tall enough to go into the ground- and I think really that the cool danger is finally past. The catnip is looking healthy, and the horseradish looks so healthy I'm starting to wonder if I need to get a garbage can or something to transplant them into. And yay, one of the two might be dead irises is showing a little green blade! The other one is pretty much for sure dead though.
And fruit is on the trees, all of them. Except of course the plum we just planted and the dead one in the middle. After last springs killing frost, we were pretty wary. Didn't spray the trees at all, so we shall have to see what turns out for a crop.
I need to do tons and tons of weeding as always. Already need to mow the lawn again too- a nice back to normal after last years dryness. Need to do a tuneup on the lawnmower now that I'm thinking about it.
Started another housefrock today. I'm using a vintage 70's caftan pattern and some super light silk with crazy ass flowers on it- it served as one of the tablecloths at the wedding actually. That's the beauty of having all sorts of random fabrics. I was going to make it into an altar cloth, but I figured I would get more use out of it this way. Sometimes it just get's too hot to wear real clothes, and a roomy float of silk is just the ticket.
I was going to use a nice yellow sheer pinstripe cotton, but realized the big seam up the front might make the effect strange, so I think that it's going to be made into a 50's one piece dress instead.
Picked up some lights from Walgreens- they had a 6-pack of solar lights on clearance for 10 bucks! The big ones that are usually 3-4 bucks each. And they had really neat oil lamps, a big glass teardrop in black iron, those were 5 bucks each. I picked up two green and two amber. They are tabletop outdoor lamps, rather nice. 

It's Monday... A chasing around town day. I needed to get my license updated, and of course that took forever. I was the only person with a book waiting, and there were a lot of bored and impatient people. It always makes me wonder, has anyone ever been to the DMV and there hasn't been a wait? Of course not, so why not come prepared to wait? Anywho, now I'm all legal, all official, name changed, state changed.
Then it was on to some shopping. Picked up the oil for the lamps we got yesterday, and a waffle iron on sale for 10 bucks- it makes 6 large waffle sticks instead of one big waffle, and a couple suet cages on clearance. Hit TJMAXX and found what I knew they would have- a bar of lilly of the valley soap and it was even on clearance. Now I can make liquid lilly of the valley, happy dance! A whole frigging gallon of it since it's an 8 oz bar. Also got a nice grill scrubber for a couple bucks- we have been needing one for a while. It was a good day at the thrift shops too- found a 2 1/2 quart oval pyrex dish with a nice cover that fit great for 10 bucks, I've been looking for this size with a good lid for a while. Everyone seems to want to charge an arm and a leg for those stupid things. So I'm happy to get it, even though it wasn't in my favorite green with white flowers pattern. But it does have a chicken on it, so that makes it ok. Found a picture field guide to mushrooms, and Alton Browns Feasting on Asphalt. That was a little happy dance too! Checked out a new thrift shop today, it's a church run one, and it is HUGE. Big ole area of books, tons of clothes for decent prices, lots of interesting bits to be found. I didn't do serious shopping, but I will be going back again. They had a pair of display frames that had several exquisite hand embroidered and laced handkerchiefs, but yuck, they wanted 16 bucks each! You bet I didn't buy them, but I did gaze at them a bit. Just lovely, each one took a lot of time and care, puts my stuff to shame.

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