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Welcome to Growbox Hill
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Friday, November 29, 2013

Thanksgiving snow...

Wow, we thought the early snow and the power snapping storm were icky..

Looks like we have our first snow in for Thanksgiving. Our plans were to head out in the morning with goodies in hand to bring to the feast... But woke up this morning and that sort of changed.

Wasn't so bad when we first got up. Wow, we got some snow everything is pretty and white, looks a bit like a snowglobe :) Then this kept up all day long. We did have a brief break around three that made me hopeful, but those hopes have been dashed by darkfall around 6.

 Around oneish time- by the time the sun set, there was at least another two inches piled up.

 A couple attempts to take pics of the snow gusts blowing around.

 A bit fat dove alighting on the tree in hopes that I filled the feeder.
This is what it looked like up to the break around 3... After that we got in a couple more inches of stack up and swirl around by sunset.The spattering on the screen isn't from us- it's from the wind smacking a ton of snow around. I'll likely take more pics in the morning.

Yesterday I made from scratch wheat tortilla chips. Pan toasted them in bacon grease, cut them up, then toasted them to chips in a 300 degree oven. This was after I somehow completely screwed up a batch of pita bread- it proved to be a PITA, hahahhaha.  Today I made up a party sized batch of hummus. Good thing hummus freezes exceptionally well.

Decided to make a scalloped butternut squash and ham casserole for dinner tonight- it was kind of a nice excuse to run the oven off and on all day, lol. And a good comfort food on a snowy day like this.

And we were officially snowed on on Thanksgiving. It was a total bummer not to see the family for the holiday :(
I did try to pull together a special dinner here though. Made duck, mushroom, and brown rice casserole, mashed sweet potatoes and butternut squash, and blueberry-raspberry crumbles for dessert. Plus the hummus and whole wheat tortilla chips I made :) We were well stuffed!

So belated Thanksgiving wishes everyone- hope the holiday was good and safe for you!

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