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Welcome to Growbox Hill
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Saturday, March 8, 2014

Breaking the ice

Been a while since I posted. Good reasons for that. Mostly due to the weather. So much snow and cold kind of shuts everything down. Depressing as hell really. No wonder why folks get cabin fever. I haven't even been able to get upstairs really.

Today, Thursday, I finally started sorting through seed- electronically. That's what happens when you have a crapton of seed, lol. Basic tomato is done- I've trimmed off over 30 types of seed, and now have it sorted into catagories. Red, orange, yellow, green, black, white, and bicolor- I ended up with a surprising amount of bicolor. A lot of fresh eating only too, though I was encouraged by the amount of multi-use fruits in all colors.
Update: down to the 6 kinds I'm growing this year- it's going to be an orange year. 

Peppers got addressed, not a lot of seed cleanout there, but some decisions need to be made about what to grow this year. Pepperonchini for sure, a few of those. I want to be ambitious and pickle up a case of those this year, yum! After that I'm gonna see what's oldest and plant out what I can of it.
Update: Pepperonchini, cayenne, and monzanto. 

Still sorting through beans, still have all the rest of the seed after that, lol. I know after tomatoes, beans, and peppers I want to sow in a bunch of greens. I have a lot of seed to work with. I think come spring I will plant in some root veggies in the herb garden again, spring radishes and beets, maybe some carrots. Come full summer I will have some basils to grow in too.

With the good weather the last few days, we have swaths of yard showing up. Time for me to get out and do some wintersowing. I have that big paper bag of coneflower to drop in, and I think I'm going to put in some flowers around Moons grave, and sort of backsplash in the wood edge on the west side of the sanctuary. I have a ton of seed that needs to be wintersown, and with all the super snow and cold, I haven't prepped up anything for milk jugs so I want to go next best and direct sow with the snow. My plan is to walk in the "pathways", marking in the "beds of untouched snow. Sprinkle in seed or drop heads in the case of the coneflowers, then muss the snow like I would with sprinkling in a plain dirt bed.

Picked out a melon for this year, started picking out some greens and further flowers.

Started letting Nova out into the solarium- he's been good and smart about laying his meeps and smell around and not going where he should not, nor chomping on plants he should not. And chippies beware!!!
Now I need to pull the tarps from the garage and mix up all the buckets of everything I got in the solarium. I think everything might be thawed out enough to mix it up and get all the base pots started up.

Today, Saturday, I got some in town chasing done- and yep, didn't buy smokes! The vape is working, yeah boy :) I saw the smokes behind the counter and all I could think was geez that's a lotta money. So glad I'm not spending it on smokes anymore. Or hopefully won't be- I'm feeling pretty darn optimistic at almost a week in.
Got most of the rest of seed sorted out for this years growing. Still have herbs, some flowers, and beans, blech.. Those are the hardest to sort out.  Especially the beans, I want go grow a dozen kinds and have to limit myself to just a couple kinds this year.
Opened the door on the solarium, and ya know, I'm pretty darn sure I see daffodil tips poking up where the snow has melted off. Or at least with the spacing I'm really hoping those are not left over ditch lilies, lol.

Tomorrow it's supposed to be nice-ish out, hoping to get the solarium straight. Sorted out enough flower seed to have a nice fat packet of seed to start in milk jugs- I'm gonna do up a few blocks of seed to set in.  Woohoo!! Looks like it will be upper 40's and just overcast on Monday :) Looks like I will be doing some "wild" wintersowing. I have a large paper grocery bag of purple coneflowers to lay in as a drift, and the first dose of marigold border to shake out. Wild sweet peas and black eyed susans, and milkweeds as well perhaps- kind of depends on just how thawed and mucky or not areas are.

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