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Welcome to Growbox Hill
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Monday, November 17, 2014

Preserving tally...

I couldn't really remember how much of a record I've been keeping or not on what I've been preserving so far this season, so... As of official winter, here's what I got done through the summer into fall..

6 pints and 8 quarts of pepper rings
14 half pints of citrus ginger zucchini jam
4 quarts of spicy beans
4 quarts of dilly beans
1 quart of dehydrated nasturtium leaves
1 quart of dehydrated celery- from 8 bunches
1 quart of dehydrated Juane Flamme tomato quarters
1 quart of dehydrated Roughwood Golden Plum tomato slices
1 pint and a half of dehydrated mixed tomatoes, sliced
2 quarts of dehydrated pepper rings
1 quart, 1 pint of dehydrated green pepper
28 half pints of spicy olive salsa
1 pint of hot pepper powder, made from guajillo, arbol, piquin, and Japanese chilis
10 pint and a half, 23 pint, 5 half pints of crushed tomatoes
23 quarter pints of pepper relish
6 pints of sweet jardiniere
6 pints of Italian jardiniere
4 quarts of lemony cauliflower
4 quarts of whole banana peppers
6 pints of hot mixed pepper rings
6 pint and a half of cherry bombs
18 half pints and 12 pints of pickled mushrooms
2 quarts of fridge pickled pepperonchini
2 3 cup bags of spaghetti sauce for the freezer
1 quart of dehydrated from frozen corn
2 1/2 pounds of green beans in the freezer
1 quart dehydrated habanero peppers, halved
1 pint and a half of dehydrated mixed peppers, chopped
1 quart of white bread crumbs
1 quart of rye bread crumbs
1 pint of dehydrated cauliflower
1 pint of dried sage
9 two oz cubes of nasturtium flower pesto in the freezer
9 two oz cubes of nasturtium leaf pesto in the freezer
12 pounds of carrots for the freezer, in matchsticks, diced, and crinklecut
1 quart of lacto-fermented carrtos
1 quart of mexican spicy carrots
1 pint and 1 quart of pickled nasturtium seeds, AKA poor mans capers
4 quarts, 3 pint and a half of fridge pickled mushrooms

Now, keep in mind that these are finished weights. So for instance, it takes 5 pounds of corn or 6 pounds of minced onion to dehydrate to 1 quart jar- but it takes only a dozen habaneros to dry up to a quart jar if they are left halved instead of powdered. When it comes to pickling, the jars are full, but there is a lot of brine in there too. 

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