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Welcome to Growbox Hill
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Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Last post of the year...

I fell short this year on posting. Mostly in the last couple months. Mostly because there hasn't been much to post.

But right now is the last time I get to post for 2014.

So... It was a great year in the garden- I produced more than I have in previous years- my goal for next year is to produce more than I did this year.

A goal is to finally really seal up my office window, fuck it's cold with the wind whistling through the gap in the glass and the plastic giving way to the freezing wind.

Had the best preserving year yet too- next year not so many sweet peppers for eating that ends up getting preserved instead, and more hot peppers for preserving. Including a weapons grade hot pepper that is gonna get used for zapping critters.

Goal for next year- successfully grow potatoes. 

Got most of my family moved in this year- it's been a serious adjustment. Goal for next year is to have everything work better than it is now.

Got lots of plans for next year- I started today with dumping out all the soil bins I got so I can start wintersowing tomorrow. Got all the litter jugs prepped for it too. Got the greenhouse frames strapped to the side of the porch the other day when the weather was fine so I'm good to go.

Goal for next year- enjoy the sun more- I'm so damn depressed from lack of sun it's pitiful. Gonna soak up more sun when the sun is out for soaking up next year. Goal for next year is to get back into healthy sleep again, this 45 minutes at a time crap has got to stop.

Got the solarium roof fixed this year, and jack shit else. Goal for next year, get more stuff done with the house.

I miss the shit out of all my friends- goal for next year, see them more. Get them to come out and visit, scrape up the cash for gas and go visit them more.

Brew something. Don't care if it's beer, wine, cider, or mead. Gonna brew something next year.

Watch the rest of the TrueBlood show- I'm already into season 4, and got the rest on order from Netflix.

Try to be able to keep up with bills- try to make more money to pay for stuff, like bills. Try to start up a roadside stand in the spring to sell off seedlings, and maybe even some produce later on in the year.. Maybe some seeds too. Get some beading to sell. Make beautiful things.

Make good food, eat good food... share good food.

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