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Welcome to Growbox Hill
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Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Finally snow.. woah snow!!

So after fall seemingly extended itself till December 28... now winter has hit us. Pretty good too. First we got some craptacular raining ice- whatever, because it melted off in the 40 degree weather... Now we got our first snow in, several inches of lake effect snow. Had to call in to work because the roads were so nasty.
No matter, I will probably get written up for missing one day of work- good thing I am soooo beyond ready to get a different job. I want to work for the nursery, but when I dropped in the other day to make sure they still had my application on file, the gal was less than thrilled, and told me to put in another application again when they posted help wanted- and it was only seasonal. I was a little put off by her coolness, and by the fact that there was a new employee, a young guy I've never seen before. Hermmmms...

Anywho. Despite the winter weather, or maybe because of it, it's time to start getting on with some gardening. I've wintersown up over half my jugs now, mostly hellebores, poppies, and a variety of herbs. Still got about 10 or so jugs to go, and those are for various flowers.
Decided to start up a thin strip tray of herbs too. Finally used my black pepper seed, we shall see if they grow at all or not, they might not because the seed is old. Also seeded up basil, lime basil, and lemon basil.
It's getting to be around that time that I need to figure out what I'm doing with the peppers and tomatoes I brought in for winter. Silvery Fir Tree is finally getting ripe fruit on it, I just pray it got good seed in it- I need to take clones from it soon before it's too late. The Totems are looking rather troubled, dunno if I should keep trying to hang on to them or not. The Copper River and Beaver Lodge Slicers are looking frail, but putting out blooms, so here's hoping they do well enough for some seed too. Peppers are a bit more difficult since they are really healthy. The Fatali is a beautiful tree in it's own right, lovely with yellow peppers, and the 7-pot Brain Strain Yellow is doing excellent too. The Aji Lemon I pulled in early is just plugging along and not doing much, and the one I pulled in the other day is looking sad as hell and might only be useful to pull it's final peppers off before scrapping.
I'm currently testing the very last of the summer tomato seed for germination. Today I get to set up test plates for all the pepper seeds, and boy is there a bunch of those!

Did some pricing for plastic to encase the dog run with, for my notion of making it kind of a hoop house come spring. About 100 bucks for reinforced plastic in a 20x100 roll, and around 75 for non-reinforced. I think it would probably be worth it to pay the extra for reinforcement. If I'm careful, I can re-use the plastic for at least a few years. Still not sure if I want to do this or not though, but I got some time to think about it.
Tarps for the pop up though- that's not quite so easy to dismiss. I will end up needing four of them if I really want to make walls. Good thing they aren't too bad price wise for the size I need. It will take a bit of messing around, but I think I can get it to work out nicely for plant sales this spring... I hope.

Other than that, not much else I can talk about right now. I need to get off my butt and into my now barely freezing solarium and get some work done :)

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