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Welcome to Growbox Hill
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Monday, May 23, 2011

So, don't it figure...

Well, we resolved the lawn issue. Figured we would end up spending the same amount of money to pay someone else to mow as it would to just go get a mower.. So that's what we did yesterday.
Nice lil 20 horsepower riding mower with a detachable deck.. and is built to accept a snowblade which we will be getting before the snow flies again. Good thing that is supposed to be months from now.
It's an Ariens, all nice and bright orange. Personally, I kind would have preferred to get a John Deer cuz that's what I grew up with. I guess if I'm really that wigged, I could always paint the thing green and yellow, lol.
Don't it figure.. the rain held off until exactly when the mower was being offloaded from the truck.. pooey.
Anywho, we also got a really cool weed whacker. Its a 4 cycle, so it takes straight gas. Almost double the price of the 2 cycle, but worth it. We will never eff up the engine by mis-mixing gas and oil.
Extra cool, it's a Ryobi- and yep, different tools can be attached onto the drive head. We got the one with the curved head trimmer on it.. But you can bet we will be getting some of the other attachments too. There's a chainsaw trimmer, a toothed bush trimmer, a cultivator, an edger, a brush whacker.. Very cool.
There's even a usage sheet that I'm gonna tape into a sheet protector and put it up on the garage door.
So now we got what we need to tackle the lawn.. And ma nature decided to keep it too wet to do anything about it, lol.

Harry and the ladies were out this morning while it was still decent. But I think most of the critters are staying home for the most part today- don't want to get soggy feathers and fur :)
And oohhhhh.. The other weekend when family was here my sister and I discovered a lovely little birds nest in a patch of tall clover.. We took care to avoid it and I stuck a few branches into the ground around it so it didn't accidentally get squished. It didn't have eggs in it when we found it.. But it seems that one of the birds has taken it up as home since then. How awesome is that?

On the tec front.. I asked my love to print me off some cup hooks to replace the missing ones in the kitchen. He now has printed them off, so I get to put them up and see how well they work. I will be reporting back on that soon.

On the food front... I stumbled across someone in one of the forums I like to hit.. They seriously know wild edibles and herbs, and hooray, was willing to give me some good info in my effort to start learning how to harvest my yard! Oddly enough, it was a forum that pretty much has nothing to do with the subject, so I was extra tickled for this to have happened.
So some upcoming entries will be getting put under labels as I learn about wild harvest! And yep, as I figure out good eats, I'll be putting that up too.

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