Welcome to Growbox Hill

Welcome to Growbox Hill
Welcome to Growbox HIll!

Saturday, May 21, 2011

So it's been a while

Yeah, haven't posted in a while. Not much going on, lol. Been lazy. Puttering around the yard doing cleanup.
Put in a call to get the yard mowed till we can afford to get a mower. Holy crap 150-200 per pass. We need to get at least a weed whacker and a push mower for trim work. That will bring the cutting time down a lot, so maybe lawn service won't be quite so painful.
Still not sure what the purple blossom tree outside my office window is yet. But I have found that the orange halves wired to it hide remarkably well on it, lol.
The hummingbirds love it too, and the feeder I've started filling on the front porch. They are amazing. They will hover right in front of my window for several moments at a time, almost like they are checking me out as much as I'm checking them out :) I think they are immature ruby throats, so I hope to watch their plumage grow in over the summer.
The sweet cherry trees are starting to make their fruit- there are little green buds all over the place on them. I can hardly wait till they get fat and red!
Some of the raspberries I transplanted died, only one survived it looks like. The lily of the valley I transplanted looks like it's taking
Started weeding out the front of the house bed today, gack what a lot of work. Only got half the bottom bed done, and my tarp was full enough that now I have to let the plants die off a bit before chucking them into the compost bed. I neeeed to hit up the neighbor about the horse poo, and I keep forgetting about it when I see her car.
Had a friend while weeding, a nice lil toad. Sort of startled me at first, I bet I startled it too. But then it just hung out and watched me weed. I'm not sure if it was an American toad or a Fowlers toad. Considering the sandiness of that bed area, I'm betting it was a Fowlers :)
Hmmm, think I might have found morels growing on the property. I picked one for identification, but haven't found someone local yet.
Oohhh, I finally fixed the front walk. It was a pain in the keester, but it was worth it. Now it looks nice and can be used safely again.
And nope, the neighbors still haven't fixed the truck hole they made in my yard. I'm kind of irritated about it. Starting to seriously think I need to get in at least a ditch lily line down the sides of the easement drive. I'll probably do it in the fall at the same time my sister brings out the bins of pretty lilies she has for me. Those are going to be used to line other driveway sections. In a few years, I will have some awesome borders :) Lilacs will apparently have to wait till spring transplanting for them to take best.

From the tec side... The promised fruit holder that my love designed and printed for me. Last post he just made them. I've now used them a few times, and they hold apple, orange, and pear halves wonderfully!

From the food world.. Gosh, not much exciting going on. Been making food, it's been good. Experimented on a mashed potato casserole that had kale in it, and it turned out pretty tasty. Got a loaf pan of it in the fridge I want to try to fry up in slices for dinner tonight.

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