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Welcome to Growbox Hill
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Friday, July 22, 2011

a break from the heat

Finally getting a break from the heat- at the cost of rain off and on for the next couple days.

But whew, I love my new wheelbarrows. Used the steel one to move the stepping stones from by the spigot to the buried LP line. Not quite perfect, but meh, I will be making more.

Cleaned up all the brush from by the pole barn and magnolia too. It was a fast five piles made along the arch drive thanks to my plastic wheelbarrow. The squashes and pumpkins along the arch drive are just starting to bloom, hooray! Got the brush piles moved there none too soon- the neighbors that were kind enough to still leave a truck hole in my yard have used the drive a couple times recently, so yeah, time to discourage that before any vines start trailing along, lol. And it's a nice staging area between the front yard and the firepit. Sigh for the rain- finally cool enough to do a brush fire, but now it's too wet for one, lol.

Got the worst of the big ass weeds chopped down around the chicken pad and onto the pile. Yanked out the whole pile of kuzu and left it to die on cement. Don't ever just toss that crap into the compost heap. Let it sit where it can't root till it's all good and dead if you plan on putting it on the heap. If you can burn it, do so. That stuff is horribly invasive :(

Getting a lot of falling fruit- enough that I will need to rake the area and trundle the stuff off to the compost heap. I know leaving the fruit to rot where it falls isn't good. Invites pests and disease. But I did notice there are some nice moss patches in the orchard, so I'm going to clear those tree bases and redistribute the moss there. It may be with some dedication, I won't need edgers around them if I can get the moss to spread. I can then start saving those for a different project.

The chicory and wild carrot are still blooming. Quite a bit of the plantain has formed seed, so now I will have to watch them for when they are ripe.

So now with the LP tank moved, once it dries out enough for it, time to weed whack the snot out of the north edge of the property line. Yuck, will have to spray myself excessively for the damn chiggers. They are extra nasty over there. Will have to snag a ton of hostas if I can find them cheap or free to dump into that area a bit I think. Good fill for the shady area that will be low maintenance in the years to come.
I got the number of Davids tree guy too today, so Monday will be a business day to call him and do a few other errands that need doing. Hmmm, maybe hit the HoH and HD to get the odds and ends to take care of the windows too. I think between tree trimming and fixing the florida room, that will clear up the rest of the insurance compliance stuff. At least till next inspection, lol.

Hmmm, moss. I want moss in a few areas of the yard. There's a couple of methods to help do that, and I'm going to try them. One is simply putting patches of moss where you want em. Did that a bit when I repaired the front walk, and some of it took pretty well. Another method is to make a slurry of buttermilk or beer and moss, then spread it. I think I will try that in test patches all over the orchard. Maybe if we get a decent break in the weather, I will do that. Good to take advantage of the weather like that :)

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