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Welcome to Growbox Hill
Welcome to Growbox HIll!

Sunday, July 31, 2011

puttering stuff done.

Haven't posted in a week, so time for an update.

Yep, got the moss spread around the three cherries and the one maple it was already growing around. So far, so good, looks like the transplants are taking :) So now I get to do a buttermilk treatment. I think I'm going to go for the FoH walkway for that one, should make that easy as pie.

Finally, finally got the last of the trim from the fallen maple snipped up and the last piles are down by the firepit sanctuary now awaiting burning. Hooray for it being dry enough two days in a row to be able to burn a half dozen piles of the stuff, so I was able to mow today, and get the rest of the scrap dumped down there. Just one more pile of backyard scrap to go, then I can start working on the front yard piles, lol. Just logs in the backyard now to be cut up, and the main tree part of course.
Along with that, the back yard was finally cleared enough to mow again- holy shit, it needed it, and what a difference it makes in the way the area looks. Got all that crap mowed out on the north side of the house and garage too, big yay. After I get the tree trimmer called in the boys will get the go ahead for the backyard again since there won't be any dangerously dangling branches anymore. And yep, the one hung up maple branch is now down too, my love got on a ladder and yanked it down.

Fixing the boat is now off the list. David has claimed it back, it's now in his yard. Maybe next year we will get a boat- if I get some dock action built in that is. Dock first though.

Raspberries are done.  And yeah, the fence section will have to be let alone for a while till I finally kill off the tree matter there. Mulberries are starting to peter out. The pears are looking super healthy, the apples are looking pretty good too- both need some time till ripe yet. No peaches or cherries- next year. Got our first ear of corn forming, yay! I'm thinking I'm going to save all this years corn seed for planting a fence row next year. It's growing amazingly short, which is great. If I get enough seed, the fence row will be my marker between the orchard and future steel box area. There is so much wild carrot growing, I will have no problem making a nice hedgerow of the stuff to mark off the border of the firepit sanctuary.
The cauliflower was a total failure :( There are a handful of struggling sunflowers :( The spinach was a total failure :( The random beans appear to be a failure too :( At least next growing season I will be better prepared to actually garden. I shouldn't be too shocked, I said before we moved first year was more likely to be an assessment and catch up year rather than anything really productive.
But still, today at least I feel like I am keeping up to the point of progress for next year rather than falling behind on what needs to be done this year.

Tippy and friends:
Got a few pics today :) Red Ruby, White Madge, and of course the rooster is Mr. Tasty!

Boy, these guys love it where ever I clean up. And Ruby is just starting to figure out if she hops up on the front porch and makes some noise I will come out with chicken bread for them.
Ugh, all that reminds me I am way overdue for the bird feeders refills. I so need to start roughing in the path down fairy hill to make my refilling easier. And steps down to the firepit sanctuary would make life easier too, lol.

Been working on a craft project for the house. I'm making 10 liquid glass panels for the great room doors. Just putting up some basic unbleached muslin curtains made a big difference. But I need to do a touch of exterior work on the doors to seal them from the weather before I put the panels up. We got a bit of a leak so I need to replace a section of rotted wood and seal the whole thing up. They look ok so far, I'll post pics once the project is finished.

For cooking: Made up a big batch of chop suey for the freezer. Dried some blueberries to go into the dried berry jar. There was a great sale on breakfast links and bacon, so I IQFd the links and broke the bacon down to half pounds to freeze. Now it's just pull and cook for two or more :) I now have enough cheese dip jars to start storing herbs in them.
Last weekends salad was a simple italian pasta salad. Fuslini, huge grape tomatoes quartered, yellow and orange sweet pepper diced, onion diced, can of small black olives, drained and halved. Mixed it with some italian dressing and into the fridge. When I was ready to serve, I small cubed a ball of fresh mozzarella and tossed it all together.
I think it might be time to start working on my cookbook again.

On the tec front- Truckbot by my love. Interesting thing, a truck base printed here at growbox hill.

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