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Welcome to Growbox Hill
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Sunday, February 12, 2012

Indoor gardening

Wrote this entry earlier, but now I'm editing it for what I did get done today.

Well, the Coco Noir beans are in the juvenile tube, and doing very well, hooray! A nice set of secondary leaves are sprouting out already. I'm very hopeful that with some dedication, we will be pulling some dried bean pods off the plants sometime in April.
Sad, the disoy soybeans have barfed out a second time. Same mushy falling apart that happened the first time. So for now they are getting shelved. Alibi cukes are getting shelved too for now. Found out that yeah, probably a good idea to container grow them first- the vines may be sort of unmanageable for water gardening. A couple more seeds got added to the water garden bag, a dwarf pea and a dwarf sugar snap pea.
I started some new seed today for the water garden. Four Totem toms, and four White Finger eggplants. We shall see if they join the Coco Noirs or not.
Looks like it's time to go through all my paintbrushes and pick out a few for pollination purposes. We are so not introducing any pollinators into enclosed space. But hmmmm, perhaps a future bot will be a pollinator bot. That would be cool.

Went back through all my seeds again today. Most of it is now accounted for. All the important plantings have been checked off, and now figuring out where some odds and ends seeds are going. I think a lot of seed is going through the solarium this year.
Yep, we are kicking off some growing in the solarium this year. Just a little bit though. The solarium needs some serious help before anything else. It works well as a really big coldframe right now. So I'm going to use it as such. I'm also going to try out a few of my more questionable herb seeds. Find out just how weedy they are before plunking them out into the yard.  The ones that "behave" will likely end up in the living fence. The ones that don't will likely end up contained elsewhere. Of what I currently have out there, the sage and thyme look like they will go out, but I'm still not sure about the rosemary, so I think that one is going to get some more container time. Not because it's acting weedy, but rather because I'm not sure if it will die overwinter outside.

I may be getting some surprise seed soon. A couple of friends have mentioned mailing, so exciting. I need to sit down and pack up the last of the spring seed to go out too. Not much to go, I think I'm going to figure out where the postal scale got packed off to and use up as much backstamp action as I can. I've started picking up forever stamps now and penny stamps.

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