Welcome to Growbox Hill

Welcome to Growbox Hill
Welcome to Growbox HIll!

Monday, February 27, 2012

MMMMM weekend success

Cook and bitch weekend was a success!! One person brought a shepherds pie, a couple loaves of homemade Hawaiian bread and made a super taco dip, another brought a big bowl of spinach and beans- and made another batch so we could learn how and brought peanut butter chocolate goodies and made a badass chili dip, I made chicken Parmesan and guacamole.. and one of us played the harp for kitchen music while the rest of us cooked. It was divine. A perfect weekend of gossiping and eating.
We all agreed we need to do this again :) Maybe I will hold off till it's truly spring and have a couple more people come out and we can all do camping food in the yard, that might be pretty cool.

And I love our neighbors behind us. They are such good and honorable people. Had a nice sitdown with Dave today- they want to eventually build a house on their back 40 but need to change the easement drive paperwork to do so. Instead of fighting city hall for grandfathering the current easement, he sat down with us and asked if we would be willing to work with them about just changing the paperwork a bit. It won't even change anything in the yard itself at all. We said "Of course!" Being the awesome guy he is, he offered to help us out on some repair action we need done around here, most notably help with the garage and solarium roofs. Hooray!! He also let us know that reworking the koi pond in the solarium into a people soaking pool was ill advised... But he may be willing to let us have a small hot tub they just got sitting in storage in their barn instead. How cool is that? I imagine the whole process probably will take a while for everything to come about, but they are really good people, and we are so happy to work with them. Such a HUGE difference from the general asshole attitude of Chicago.
As an extra hooray, and I'm super excited about this. In the spring when he gets a cat to re-even the easement drive and spread out new gravel, hes willing to haul as much horse poo as I want to where I want it in the yard!! Fully mature horse poo too, so I'm thinking a couple dumpings where the boxes are gonna go and a good dump in the compost patch. It will save me dozens of trips with the wheelbarrows, I am so happy about that if I had a tail it would be wagging :)
It was also pretty cool to just sit and chat, talk about the stuff we are doing out here and want to do with him, hear what he likes to do and wants to do in the future.

From Tippy and friends... Found out what the deal is with white kitty. Apparently when they were still living here they had a white kitten that went feral. We are pretty sure that kitten is white kitty. Sure does explain why he seems to like hanging around here so much. Way to wild for a pet, but still likes to hang around the house hes used to. I think maybe next winter I will build a little cat shelter for him. Kind of getting too late in the season now to worry about it much. Also learned today that still having the chickens wandering around is almost a miracle. I already knew we had horned owls in the area, but I didn't know they had a taste for chicken! Apparently horned owls are more than happy to swoop down and pick up a critter as large as a chicken.

It was a good weekend, and a nice kickoff to the week :)

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