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Welcome to Growbox Hill
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Friday, October 19, 2012

Time for some seeds

Whaaa? It's October, did I really say time for some seeds?

You bet your boots I did. Been scouring around on the net looking for sources on cheap, free, or sample seeds, and I struck on a couple of them. I figure it don't hurt to start looking around now cuz who knows how long it will take to get some of these things in?

So, with a SASE...
http://tomatoheirlooms.com/free-seeds you subscribe to their newsletter, then they send you an email with SASE instructions... You get 3 free packs of basil seeds, 1 each of Classic Genovese, Dark Purple Opal, and Lemon Basil... I sent off for the seeds on the 16th of this month. This is a one time only thing.

http://www.gardenhoard.com/free-sase-seeds-info out of Michigan. You can send in a SASE once per month, and get 6 free seed packets. You send a list of 8 kinds you like, and she sends you 6 of the 8. I sent off on the 16th for this one too, and will probably keep sending off every month till I get all the kinds of seeds I like off her SASE page.

http://www.wintersown.org/wseo1/Free_Seeds.html I sent off for seeds today with these guys. They have an option of either you can request a 6 pack of random kinds of garden seeds, or an option to go for 6 kinds of tomato seed. I went for the tomato seed package. You pick 6 with a backup up 4 kinds. I picked all saucing and drying kinds, half yellow/orange, half red varieties.

Most exciting, free seeds from the government, the National Plant Germplasm System. http://www.ars-grin.gov/npgs/orders.html I picked out 15 kinds of seeds yesterday for Growbox Hill to experiment with, soybeans, corn, beans, squashes, paprika peppers, tomatoes, dill, coffee, and asparagus. Since it's the government, I expect that this seed will take far longer than the others to show up. They didn't say if they had a limit on how many seeds one could request or not, but I decided to limit it to 15 for now since crap, how much experimentation can I really do at one time between field and hydro trials?

Of course I will probably still order some seed from my favorite people Pinetree Seeds, and maybe a couple of sample packets from Artistic Gardens... But I still have a lot of kinds of seed left over from this springs planting. I'm considering making up some sample packets for trading on the Gardenweb, but we shall see, just because I have a lot of kinds of seeds does not mean I have a lot of any particular kind of seed for trading.

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