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Welcome to Growbox Hill
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Thursday, October 4, 2012

A new fuzz

Yeah, we got a new fuzz. I know it's rather soon after Moon passing. But my sister needed help because they just had too many cats so I took one of them home with me, and my other sister took another one. Sheba is now settling in at her house quite well, a pure white darling.

I got lucky with Nova. He's a tiggy, and I have such a soft spot for tiggys. Just five months old. He has a HUGE purr- the better to go with his big paws and ears and loooong tail. He is going to grow up to be a monster, probably big enough to rival Pooks in size. The other cats are kind of pissy about it, but pretty much keeping it to some growling and hissing with a little bit of smacking, but no all out fighting thank goodness. I figure it's just to make sure he knows his place in the order of things. Right now they are a glaring, but I think quickly enough they will settle into a proper clowder. It's kind of funny, they are pissy and he just does not care in his kitten goodness.

He has his nuts and claws. So in a month or two the nuts will go. Depending on how everyone gets along or not, and how naughty he is or not, he will be our first declawed cat. I always figured we would be down to just Moon and the kittens she teaches would be declawed. But now that she's gone, we might have a revisiting of plans there.

I had forgotten what it's like to have a baby in the house and how much they need to play. So today I went meow shopping. Hit Joanns for glitter balls- you can get a 24 pack for 3 bucks verses a buck and a half for 2 at the pet store. Then I went to the pet store and got a big pack of mice and a fresh jar of catnip. Then it was off to Meijer and they had canned food on sale for a damn fine price so I stocked up and got a new lazer dot. Once I got back home I scattered a bunch of glitter balls and mice. Then it was up in the workshop to make some stoner cat toys. Made 5 valerian buddies- long and slim stuffed with stuffing and valerian and capped with ribbons, cats go batnuts for them. And I made up 8 catnip pillows to scatter around the house too. Excellent use for scrap material- I used German cotton left over from making my love a pair of pants for faire- tough enough that the cats won't shred them up in their loving and playing on them.

So, new boy in the house balances us back out to 4 again :)

He's already kind of a mama's boy. He was having himself an absolute fit in the carrier, so I let him loose in the car for the trip home, and he settled in to just a traveling meow really fast. Pass out in my lap a little, then pass out on the passenger seat a little.. As we got off the highway by home, he wandered into the back seat and laid down.. When I shut off the car and said "we're home" he started with the big purr. I was able to open the back door and just carry him inside. Even as I type he is sprawled on my desk with me- thank goodness I got a new desk, lol. Picked it up for 25 bucks at the Habitat for Humanity restore. It's metal, so no more moving my desk around depending on the season and I don't have to worry about the baseboard heaters anymore, hooray! And it's big enough to properly fill the space too! Picked it up the same day Moon passed, so I will always have a little pang about that. The same day as we went to the restore, we passed a place setting out laminate counter tops for FREE!!! Now my love has an awesome double shelf- made with cinder blocks- I have the hole in the kitchen counter in the workshop properly covered for now.. and we have 4 nice countertops for table space down in the pole barn. Woot.

Even though I miss the hell out of my baby girl and still having random crying jags about her.. I know every time the moon rises shes watching over us and I bet she's happy for us to have another foo to love and treat as well as she was treated. She took the summer with her- it rained for days after we buried her, and with the clearing of the rain came the sudden and immediate autumn.

My impatience with the gourds is finally being satisfied. Got most of them inside now- I have to go out every day or two to see what ones are ready to come in. The one bushel gourd is getting huge, so I'm looking forward to that one being ready to come in. The batwing pumpkins are almost ready to be plucked and brought in as well, yay! The pumpkin peppers- first ones are finally getting their orange on. Tomatoes are still green, but some of them are starting to blush finally.  Still keeping an eye out every day for the frost report just in case.

Went to the resale shops while I was in town with my sisters- whole new wardrobe of pants, sweaters, and long sleeved shirts for under 60 bucks :) 7 pairs of pants, 7 shirts, and 8 sweaters, a pair of nice fur lined suede slippers plus a cute little house coat for special occasions. I've gotten just fat and happy enough out here at Growbox Hill that some new clothes were in order. And a fabulous asian style sweater dress for my sister. She made me an awesome house frock and a pair of suede slippers- I love Bad Bear creations!

Got a ton of fresh mushrooms on the 99 cent clearance- been drying them for days- partially courtesy of my love who did the slicing and drying while I was gone. We have now filled one big jar of mushrooms and have the second jar half full. Pretty soon if this keeps up it will be time to make up a batch of magic dust- the main component of it is powdered mushrooms. While I was in home town I finally picked up a bag of whole nugmegs and some other spices and a pile of matzo goodness.

But I guess it's time to be off and think about some dinner action- got leftovers to use up.

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