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Welcome to Growbox Hill
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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

A lil spring gardening and wedding stuff

Well, got a little bit of stuff done..

Got the rest of the herb seed I wanted, so I finished up all the garden in a box wedding favors today. They turned out pretty cute :) I made origami boxes out of construction paper and filled them with little origami packets of all kinds of seeds.

Planted up 20 cans of herb seed for favors too- 5 each of dill, basil, cilantro, and parsley. I won't start catgrass tins till a week or two before the wedding. I still have a ton of scrap construction paper strips from when I cut origami squares for the boxes, so when the time comes I will put pretty labels around the cans.
Depending on how it goes, I might dig up some plugs of lilly of the valley for favors as well- It really will depend on how well they are growing at the time.

And I potted up all the tulips and muscari- there was almost 300 of them!
100 muscari
10 Shirley tulips
25 Negrita tulips
40 Berry Mix tulips
40 Darwin Mix tulips
14 Orange Queen tulips
14 Mistress tulips
14 White Emperor tulips
14 Leen van der Mark tulips
14 Banja Luka tulips
14 Washington tulips

I'm kind of overdue with the bulb potting- I noticed that the bulbs outside already got a couple healthy inches of green coming up. But the pots are going to stay on the bench in the solarium, so hopefully that will accelerate the bulbs a bit. They were all sending out shoots already, just like onions do. So I only potted them with their greens barely covered. I'm hoping for some blooms, but meh, if all I have are some nice pots of lovely foliage, I'm good with that too.

Made corned beef and cabbage yesterday, using a suggestion of spices from a dear friend of mine
Heap of pickling spice
teaspoon fennel seed and cloves
tablespoonish each of caraway seed, dill seed, and yellow mustard seed
goodly lil palmful each of peppercorns and salt
couple of onions quartered
clove of garlic- peeled and left whole
Simmered the shit out of it- added in the taters, cooked em, pulled em. Quartered a small head of cabbage, cooked em, added the taters back in to heat up again, and served. It was the shit. So darn good, we don't mind having the rest of it for dinner tonight. 

I've got two tubs of saved up booze bottles soaking in the solarium- between whats in the tubs and still in the garage, I'm not sure I will have enough for the full border around the herb garden wrap around the way I want it, but there are for sure enough for a good start. We have been saving them since we moved in, so I'm kind of excited to have enough saved up to start this.
And I finally got all the stupid green cans done for the pond border in the solarium. I still need to do the final set on them, but blech I put off the paint fumes for as long as I could.

We have decided repairing the garage enough to make it worth it for bad weather just is not in the budget at the moment. It needs way more help than a quick fix. We have decided to go with renting a bigger tent instead, or multiple tents, whatever. That way we can still run power from the garage and situate the food tables along that side.
All those lovely paper stars we picked up at the resale shop- I'm hoping whatever tent we get will have enough headroom so I can hang them up inside. I'm pretty darn sure that I will not want to put those outside anywhere since we are likely to have wet weather till right before the day.

Polterabend- I need to figure out what to do for that. Hoping we will have the tent set up by Friday evening- that way if the weather is bad we can tent it. But what to do about food? I'm thinking snack kind of bits rather than food food. A couple crockpots of soup or chili. I'm not too sure just how many people will be at the poltrabend, so if I over prepare, more stuff to toss onto the buffet the next day.

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