Welcome to Growbox Hill

Welcome to Growbox Hill
Welcome to Growbox HIll!

Sunday, March 31, 2013

Getting ready for my trip

So the last few days have been rather nice, been getting stuff done.

Finally found a green fabric I like for for the drape on my wedding dress, yay! All 20 cans of herbs have now sprouted up nicely, yay! Most of the tulips and some of the hyacinths are poking up, woot!!

Got a lot of cleanup done in the garage. Burned off all the saved up burnables, and the turn in bottles now have an end in sight. All that should be cleared out after I get back. Hauled a bunch of gardening stuff down to the pole barn where it belongs. And two bikes the boys are too big for are packed into my car to go to my sister- her boys are the right size now.
The local Salvation Army is having a donation pickup while I'm gone, so I made sure to bag it all up and tag it so my love can set it out on the curb for pickup. Normally I drop stuff off at the local thrift shop, but this time with pickup I'm making an exception. One big garbage bag of household stuff, and four kitchen garbage bags of clothes.

And packing. Wow. Lots of clothes, all the wedding dress stuff.. a few projects to work on while I'm there. So tomorrow I leave my love at home and go back to my hometown for a few days to get stuff done. I'm excited cuz I will get to see people, but I sure will miss my man and foos while I'm gone!

Hehehe, I did a special round of food shopping for my love for while I'm gone, all his favorites. I even got inspired by a dear friend and made up a corned beef brisket so he can have homemade ruben sandwiches while I'm gone.

And you can tell spring is finally here! The dwarf irises down by the raspberry bed are in bloom, the wild chives are hairy dark green clumps sticking out of last years grass... And a bunch of the other leafy bits are popping up, perhaps they will be blooming the first weekend of May. The daffodils are doing so well, I think they might already be spent by them. But that's ok, just having the glorious sun has been a real treat!

But now I'm off again... Need to finish up some odds and ends tonight so I can pop off bright and early tomorrow!

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