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Welcome to Growbox Hill
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Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Awesome weekend!

Yeah, it was a totally outstanding weekend!!!

I left Friday morning, always the hardest thing to do. Pretty nice drive, got to the hometown in rather decent time. Hung out with mom and my sister, rather nice to just sit around and chat. And got to eat gyros, and really good gyros. We don't really have that here, so it was quite the treat!

Faire was great of course. Got to see all sorts of beloved people, get sassy, dress up and look good, only one crapola person in the crowd. Over all, a fucking awesome weekend full of wonderful magic and awesome fun.

Not like I'm going to put up pics of folks I know... But here's a pick of a spectacular gentleman wandering around one of the days. He was at least 6 foot 8, super tall, and super garbed..

I got to eat all sorts of yummy food, and try out several delicious beverages... and yay, tons of icewater thanks to a connection at the pub. Got to see some folks I hadn't seen in years... Got to show off my rings to a couple folks, who where surprised and pleased that my love and I had gotten married. Got to help out at a shop, and break down at a shop.
Got to be all tired and needing sleep, sore feet, wishing for a midafternoon shower.. lol, everything great and small that makes up a closing weekend!
Everyone was wonderful, I feel like I got to double my family over the course of three days!

Of course I did some seed collecting while I was gone... a few flowers here and there at faire, and some hip high marigolds on the way home. 

So I got back home, finally :) . My fall planted squash kind of died, so did several of my peas. Total bummer :( But my spinach is sprouting up right fine, and so are the small plots of radishes and beets. The luffas are out of control! I will be doing picking tomorrow on the green beans and herbs to catch up on several days away. And the orchard will be getting some tending to as well.

And I got in my big packet of exchange seeds.. Got all of the beans, and a whole bunch of other seeds too, including some that was on my wish list, woot!!

Just wanted to jot down a few lines today after I got home.. More writing later on!

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