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Welcome to Growbox Hill
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Thursday, September 5, 2013

Happy dance!

Ok, so got out into the yard today to start doing some catchup...

We have a couple broken branches on the apple trees that I need to get out with the ladder and snips to clean up. And there is a lot of fallen fruit I need to clean up too.
Got the whole yard mowed. It looks soooo much better now.
Picked a few pounds of green beans. As I had feared, a lot of them were seedy fat and not a lot of new blooms on the plants. So I picked off all the beans and keeping my fingers crossed for more blooms.
The Lemon Boy tomato in the container has pretty much run its course. Only the tomatoes were really orange, so I'm not sure if maybe they were mus-labeled at the store. So I plucked what toms were on the plant, and tomorrow that container is going to get an overhaul to spinach.
And yep, I did indeed lose the squash while I was gone, bummer. Also lost a lot of peas too. So those containers will get redone into more spinach and possibly more peas.
Got to get out back and pick some more of the wild sweet pea pods. I have plenty for spring now and some sharing of seed, so I may or may not get out there again to pick some more.
The chocolate mint is looking rather healthy, but the pineapple mint not so much. I did do a pretty lazy job with tossing it in so I'm not surprised. But both radish beds and the beet bed look wonderful!
The sprouting test is finally over, and I was able to package up banana peppers, alliums, wild onions, serrano peppers, and sweet orange peppers for later use :)

So over the weekend I picked some seeds. At faire I picked a couple heads of scarlet bee balm, white cone flower, and some pink and white spider flowers AKA cleome. On the way home when I hit the rest stop I picked a couple fat heads of hip high marigolds. Do I feel bad or like it's stealing to do this? Not really, these plants are just going to get pulled up and destroyed anyway, so I sort of feel like I'm saving them instead.

Got in my big bean package I sent off a SASBE for. And it was loaded to the hilt! Two fat packs each of golden wax bush, royal burgundy bush, and dwarf taylor bush beans. Which I was expecting those. And I got fat packs of little finger carrot, little gem lettuce, white icicle radish, and hailstone radish. I'm particularly excited about the hailstone since that's one from my wishlist. Also got blue wildflower mix, red corn, mixed gourds, dark green zucchini, Pennsylvania butter flavor popcorn, honey rock melon, turnip, luffa, spaghetti squash, cayenne pepper, and green arrow peas. I already had a couple of the seeds, but it was well worth the 6 forever stamps in total for sending out and getting back in!
I also got my garlic! Russian Giant, Up North, and Leningrad. I'm super excited to set up the garlic bed. It's going to be the first raised bed in the veggie row!

An extra happy dance moment.... While I was out mowing, I happened to look over at the horrid neighbors property... And a real estate sign had been put up this morning!!!! Super happy that we won't be having the wretches there anymore. So of course I called my mom and sister right off the bat- I would dearly love it if they could be my new neighbors. If we were in any sort of fiscal condition to help them get the place, I would do so in a heartbeat. It would mean the world to me to have my family next door. But we won't have those horrid people next door anymore, woot!

And on to wonderful neighbors... While I was gone, Chris dropped off a big bag of purple coneflower heads in the solarium, yay! And then she stopped by last night to ask if I was interested in black eye susan heads, and of course I said yes. There is also a new blonde horse in the riding ring out back, so perhaps I will be able to get to do some trail riding with her soon, yay!!

And again, my weekend was incredible and wonderful. The trip there was smooth, and got to hang out with family. The weekend was a perfect combo of being able to hang out with all my friends and be a social butterfly and being able to be helpful to a a couple booths. Got a nice pewter piece and a lovely wooden mug :) I also got complemented on my hats, including a complement from a gentleman who I've long admired his hat!
So a couple more random pics from the weekend...

Nope, not traditional garb by any stretch of the imagination. But totally awesome none the less. The little red riding hood and wolf I happened to catch at the end of the day, and the wolf was super sweet. Mr. Blood looked way cooler in person, all gory awesomeness.

I got a whole heap of really cool clothes over the weekend too. A friend of my sisters saved a huge suitcase of awesome Indian clothes from a dumpster by her work. She picked through and grabbed what she wanted, my sister grabbed the rest and picked what she wanted.. And I got a dozen or so super neat and comfy outfits! Most of them are not really anything I would wear in general public, but will for sure get a lot of wearing around the house, all lovely tunics and comfy pants. Some of them are nice enough that they will end up being more special occasion wear, like for holidays, and some of them will for sure be added into the everyday wardrobe.

I just can't get over how excited I am about the neighbors selling- and there has also been a couple cars pulling up into their drive. Geez, no if only I could win the lottery this weekend so I could for sure have my family living next door!

On an extra wonderful note... Bad Bear will be coming online soon! Over the weekend was a rather serious discussion on my setting up some FB and email action for Bad Bear. I am very much looking forward to being the EBM for Bad Bear, this has been very much needed for a while now. She does such beautiful clothing, I'm well pleased to handle her gallery.

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  1. So happy the bad ones are moving!! The faire was alot of fun!! It would be great if your family moves in!! They can enjoy all of your cooking!!