Welcome to Growbox Hill

Welcome to Growbox Hill
Welcome to Growbox HIll!

Monday, May 26, 2014

My ass is tired.

So it's May 26, time for a proper post.

Since we last tuned in, picked up a bunch of glads... all potted up in litter buckets except the last one.
15 White Alaska
15 Sun Kissed
10 Wine and Roses
10 Vista Lavender
10 Jessica
10 Antica
10 Bonnes Vacances

Got 2 pairs of hops, Cascade and Nugget- those are in big black buckets. 

Got in all the wildflower jugs, and started putting in the marigold jugs- only the marigolds didn't like that too much, lol.

Spent several days chasing to Wi, loading up trucks, then unloading them here. A billion boxes can really kick your ass when they are all going upstairs,heh. Cleaning and sorting and more re-arranging extra kicks your ass. But at least a good third of the total move is done now, by this time next month I will have most of my family here with me :).

So... figured a bunch of pics would be nice.

Here's a pic of a tiny toad I found in my pots in the mini greenhouse several days ago when it was chilly outside. Smart little thing was snug in the nice warm greenhouse shaded over with flats on the shelves above.

The jelly feeder on the tree in full bloom. The orioles have loved it- so has whatever critter that finally knocked it down and broke it. I was bummed :( But more can be printed :)

Here's what the front porch area looked like yesterday. I moved the second mini-greenhouse down to pavement level. The plastic covers are off the mini-greenhouses, at this point they are just outdoor shelving, not growing boxes. Once they are cleared off, they will be stored in the solarium.

Closer shot of one of the greenhouses. Beans, flowers, and curcurbits. The beans are now in the ground.

Woodle Orange and Tobolisk tomatoes

Roughwood Golden Plum and Juane Flamme tomatoes.

The dill is growing is fuzzy and wonderful, the pair of Pixwell Gooseberries are getting plush. The rosemary is still in bloom and I got parsley from last year growing in well.

What this garden looked like yesterday.

Another shot of yesterdays garden. I was just too wiped out to do much more than a sort of cheater bed of spread out compost with a layer of dried grass on top.

As you can see, I had left a large patch of compost that still needed digging out. I couldn't just cover the whole thing, couldn't bring myself to it while still thinking I might need to build one more bed. The peas are happy growing on the fence in the background.

The garlic bed looks great! The thing is growing in wonderfully, still haven't lost any. Let's keep our fingers crossed that they all grow fat and plush :)

Long shot of the current edge of the box area up to the garage. You can start to tell how I want this line of garden beds to eventually run.

Yeah, I busted ass today and got that center compost area shoveled out and some straw laid in. So:
Front bed left to right is two rows totaling 12 plants of Corno Di Toro peppers , a sweet Italian heirloom, then a row totaling 6 plants of sweet banana peppers, then a row of 3 California peppers.
In the straw is Taylor Dwarf beans. In the back grass section are my 3 Manzanos and the 10 pepperonchini. I took my sisters suggestion and planted the Corno Di Toros, banana peppers, and pepperonchinis in pairs- I just wouldn't have had the space otherwise.

Got this bed planted in too. On the climb left to right are Histada Shield beans, Early Russian cukes, and Eye of the Goat beans. Left to right in the grass is Small Wonder spaghetti squash, One Ball summer squash, Cue Ball summer squash, and Long Island Cheese pumpkin.

The new bed next to the tomato bed. Once I realized how much extra peppers and such I had, I just went for it and built on another bed just to make sure everything had plenty of space to grow. It's about half the width as the tomato bed. I planted in Masai green bean seed, and put in a pair of Dark Star zucchini on the fence side. Only had to haul 10 wheelbarrows of compost this time, heh. I didn't get the tomatoes in today- I was just too wiped out.

I think this year I at least tripled my growing space between shoveling out the compost pile and setting in growing there, and building these two beds.

Now I'm left with just some cukes and melons to plant in along the narrow walk. I think I really pushed it putting in the Early Russians as small as they were, so I'm holding off on these till they get bigger.
I still have tons and tons of flowers to plant in. But that's for another day, I'm all for being lazy and just doing some puttering cleaning. Putting stuff away in my new buffet we picked up the other day for 40 bucks. It's fucking awesome. I always seem to have the best luck finding cool stuff when my sis is with me. One nice big drawer for linens and servingware over a cabinet with one simple shelf in it. Got any idea how hard it is to find a simple yet totally useful buffet in the right size that isn't a gajillion bucks? Yeah, real difficult, so I'm thrilled at this addition of storage space in the kitchen. And now the dry sink grandpa made is in the kitchen too. Oodles of storage space there too. And both pieces look like they have been there forever, woot!

So.. I'm off to whup up some taters to go into the oven to go with the meatloaf I'm cooking up for dinner :)

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