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Welcome to Growbox Hill
Welcome to Growbox HIll!

Saturday, June 7, 2014

Summer is on!

Even with some evening temps dropping into the upper 40's... Summer is on!

Had a minor setback for about a week or so- burnt the hell out of my hand making peirogies. Oooops. So I didn't get much done for several days. Then my sister was here and we got back on track.

Planted in tomatoes. 8 Woodle Orange, 6 Tobolisk, 5 Juane Flamme, and 5 Roughwood Golden Plum. Lost all but 4 of my Dwarf Taylor bush bean to a critter who simply snipped the things in half- so those 4 got transplanted into a container and are now safely on my porch. Replaced those spots with Top Crop seed and hoping for the best there. Fucking bunnies. They also snipped some of my peas :( Picked up a tomatillo and a jalapeno at my sisters suggestion and those are planted in. Got the melons and cukes in. Put in a second round of Masai beans
Got an oregano, lemon thyme, salad burnet, and lovage- all planted in. Some Corsican mint that still needs to get into the ground. Got borage, columbines, and pink snap dragons in. Larkspur is now planted over Moons grave, and the cleome is in the solarium border. All 48 plugs of chamomile are in on trouble hill- some are blooming, a couple look pretty ratty. Calendula is in.

The wild chives all have fat blooms on them. My garlic is glorious! Scapes are starting to form and turn, I'm looking forward to the harvest in a month or two :) The peppers I planted in are doing right fine, only lost one. Some are even starting to bloom! And all the nasturtiums are in bloom now- and the leaves are tasty, I need to start harvesting some to dry up for the pantry.

My sister picked up a pretty trio of asian lillies, white with purple speckles- those are potted up. She also picked up a Royal Purple Smoketree- we are still debating about where that one will be going.

And of course, a bunch of cleaning, shuffling, moving stuff around. I'm so glad next weekend is the big move, and after that I will have mom and sis here and no more fussing around.

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