Welcome to Growbox Hill

Welcome to Growbox Hill
Welcome to Growbox HIll!

Saturday, June 28, 2014

Summer catch up

So been busy. With fencing and such of course. But that's another post that was posted then pulled so I could attach pics. That might get re-posted later.

Today was a regular garden working day.

Got the dirt back into the septic tank hole- that was sort of a PITA, kind of ganked my black wheelbarrow. But all the dirt is back into the hole.
Got the tomato cages in, what cages I had. Still need a bunch more. But hooray! I have some baby tomatoes growing. Got some zukes starting to come in too. One of my potato bags has keeled over in the last 24 hours- I suspect the couple holes in the bag means critters got into it. Ok, so I will use proper bins next year.
Got the mint beds properly weeded and the mints pushed over- by this time next year, I will have some very plush mint beds. Got the lemon mint and toothache plants put into the ground as well.
Got all the growing beds weeded out properly- I have a ton of volunteer tomatoes popping up amongst the peppers. 

In anticipation of the nasty neighbor potentially spraying the fenceline, I took 13 cuttings of that 150 year old rose bush potted up- hope at least a couple of them take off. They are now sitting pretty in one of the little greenhouses in the shady part of the porch.

Otherwise, the rest of the yard is growing like crazy like it should this time of year.  The lawn got mowed yesterday. The cherry trees and mulberries need some serious picking tomorrow!

And this morning I tossed a turkey on the smoker. Just a wee bit till the green bean casserole is done as well as the mashed taters... So off I go to feed the family!

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