Welcome to Growbox Hill

Welcome to Growbox Hill
Welcome to Growbox HIll!

Sunday, July 6, 2014

Holiday weekend

Not a ton going on around here. The fence works according to my awesome neighbor- the icky one didn't even look my way, but spoke to the awesome neighbor about it. Looks like the fence will indeed deter the icky neighbor.

Did some smoking- chicken one evening, and my Kefta Swiss steak another night. Did cooler corn- and that was spectacular. Got the corn fresh from a local favorite farm stand, and boy was it good as hell. Got the turkey stock made up from the turkey we smoked last weekend and the stock is in the freezer.
Made fresh blueberry muffins with lemon strudel topping- those were spectacular. Even paid mind to make notes so I can make them again, lol.

My attempt at canning cherries in apple juice was a fail- three quarts and all the seals were blown. So cherries went into the freezer- thank heavens for the chest freezer!

Lit off about 45 minutes of ground works on the fourth- it was sparkley and super fun. Made sure to hose them down real well after. Last night some of the locals blew off the big mortars before heading back into town- it was loud as a battlefield till midnight.

Went to mow another section of the yard today, and snapped my deck clutch cable. Boy, was I steamed by the time I got the stupid thing off to replace it. Now I have to wait till tomorrow to hit up the somewhat local dealer to see if they have one or can order one for me. Good thing I got dinky hands otherwise I would have never gotten the stupid thing off from under the engine case.

Started picking seed off the Alaska peas- there weren't enough for eating. But I still have a heap of Green Arrow I can set in for a hopeful fall harvest. Been picking and drying Nasturtium leaves too. And the garlic is looking so damn good, I can hardly wait till they are ready to pull up. I think I might just have to cut off the scapes for some garlicky dinner goodness soon. All the squashes look spectacular- I'm hoping for a serious crop this year. The tomatoes are all plush as hell, can hardly wait to start picking those too.

Got a faire weekend coming up- I sort of dread going through garb and seeing what fits, or more like seeing what does not, hahaha. But at least it's just a weekend behind the counter, and I should stop being a costume snob.

The family is settling in pretty good. We still have a lot of re-arranging to do, and a heap of boxes to unpack. But it's coming right along, peace and contentment is settling in.

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