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Welcome to Growbox Hill
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Thursday, July 17, 2014

Good day sunshine

Started Monday, the 14th..

Been a rather nice few days. Got to have a weekend out at faire :) It was absolutely wonderful. Got to see a lot of friends, work the booth, do a little shopping. Got a couple of sweet ass beaded spiders. Some garlic goodies.. A couple of metal rose hairpicks.

And I used the first head of homegrown garlic today. I had one Kankakee Hardneck I had pulled. It was still really fresh.
This is what it looked like before I busted up it's 8 medium sized cloves. The outer skin peeled off more like a shallot and was already too tough for fresh eating, I could tell it was far from cured.

A bunch of the lilies in bins have bust into blossom.

The small red ones on the left are Little Joy, the one on the foreground is Night Beacon, and the one in the background is Budda. Thinking most of the lillies in bins will fill in the back corner of the white fence, and if we have enough, I would like to link up the pine islands in the back yard. Make a nice mowing aisle around it instead of mowing around each tree.

Hate to say it, but I think all eight bleeding heart dried root bits failed to take. Next year, I will pick them up and pot them up.. let them grow out a bit before planting in.

The mint border is looking really nice. Chocolate Mint and Pineapple Mint are growing in good. Looks like the weed out and bend over shoots of a couple weeks ago are proving in for a plusher bed. I need to get out there and do some more bending over of shoots. The lemon mint and toothache plants are looking wonderful too.

The herb garden is out of control with weeds. I got the deck clutch cable, but haven't installed it yet, so some of the yard is overdue for mowing. Been too wet to mow anyway. Seriously need to get around the yard with pruners and the hand mower.

Now that there is a fence up between us and the icky neighbors, and that seems to have sunk in.... My dust has settled a lot. Starting to turn my thoughts into more positive use. I am now thinking of building up a tick repellent plant border along the sanctuary fenceline.  I know I want to grow a lot of those sorts of plants for general use, and for seed collection. And I need to be careful about where I set them in in large mass. I still have those five second year lavenders to plant in. Got rue putting out mad flower heads I can start plants with for next spring. Catnip and feverfew for other sections.
And perhaps planting in spearament and peppermint along the angle line of the easement. The shade might help control the growth a bit. 
Gonna trim down this years willow growth in the sanctuary, and start laying it in to accommodate the fenceline and keyhole. Put those trimmings to good use as border edging.

It's Thursday :)
Mostly more puttering around and getting mostly nothing done. But I picked up a bunch of yellow and green beans today to make spicy and dilly beans with. And I pulled up the rest of the Kankakee Hardneck garlic today- will be needing a bunch of it to make the beans with!
Sat down and had a serious chat with the awesome neighbors about the back 40- looks like we will be able to buy it, woot! It'll still be a couple years till everything is transitioned to start working on the barn, but looks like we will be able to start right in on getting the chicken coop and enclosure cleaned up and set up to get chicks next spring, hooray!!!

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