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Welcome to Growbox Hill
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Friday, January 30, 2015

New job...

January 30...

So I had my orientation and prelim training for the last couple days.. My brain is melted with information overload. And I only got a 92% on my entry test damnit. I needed an 80%, but still irritated about the 92%. Especially after getting 100% on all 40 pre-test quizzes.
Personally, I think one of the questions I missed was because of poor phrasing and/or punctuation, but whatever.

But on the bright side, my trainer was well pleased with my impeccable appearance. And I did blast ass through orientation and prelim training. And with some savvy resale shop shopping, I got my entire starter work wardrobe of 4 pairs of pants, 6 shirts, a sweater, two belts, and a pair of non slip leather shoes for under 40 bucks. I ended up getting a pair of black shoes because I realized what black shoes I already have were fine for office, but not appropriate for this job. And I almost have totally memorized all 20 "work ethic must have" tag lines. And I'm above par on safety and sanitation standards- Chicago is tougher than out in this area of Michigan- and I have remembered OSHA standards from when I was an OSHA trainer/book keeper.

All in all, a good start to my new job.

Now I feel like I should crack open my safety and sanitation textbook and my Spanish learning course again. Just because I'm an over-achiever like that, lol.

I'm kind of looking forward to my training work hours next week- really get a chance to see what I will be doing on the sales floor- and check out folks work clothes. Finding oxford button down collar shirts in my size is a terrible PITA. And work sells them online for 8 bucks, but I figure if I can get away with false buttonholes and buttons for a buck or two a shirt, hey, I will do that. There's tons of appropriate shirts in the resale shops that are only missing that detail.

In other news, I went through all my sewing stuff today. Gave a heap of stuff to my sister so she can work on some stuff for the etsy shop. And a stack of floursack cloth towels for her to zip up into napkins. Not a huge heap, but hell, something is better than nothing, right? Since we love using the washable napkins, I figured it was a good deal to ask her to quarter and hem the towels. And I pulled out a few chunks of fabric so I can start working in isolation bags for this summers plants. Also hit up a seed saver for some advice. Turns out I might not need to make so many little bags, but rather large "bandages" to wrap, and save my sewing for smaller plants that get bagged whole.

And the birds are pleased as punch with all the goodies. The bird bread is going slower, but the suet cake is good. Of course I have slipped and whacked my left hip twice while out and about in the last couple days feeding them. I seriously need to be more careful.

Mom has made four pairs of slippers for the etsy shop, and will be making one more before I do a batch of posting. My love has printed off a couple of wall socket vape charger stations. On Sunday I will do up a batch of photos and put them online.

So now I feel entitled to a beer, a comfort food of potatoes... and a comfy sit in bed with junk TV shows for the night :)

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