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Welcome to Growbox Hill
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Monday, January 12, 2015

Winter keeps keeping on

January 12...

Not much going on over the last few days. Got snow and more snow, lol. Siggy was worth every penny of the push he did for us- and today even after a couple fresh inches of snow we were able to get out of the garage just fine.
Yesterday I had to chase into town for cat food and litter for the upstairs cats- man, they will be happy when my sister gets home in a couple of days! Now I'm just hoping that we don't get crappy weather for at least the next couple days so I'm able to get out and down to the train station to pick her up Wed morning.

The tomato seeds have finally sprouted! Well, I think perhaps they might have sprouted a couple days ago given their legginess. I decided to stop checking them a couple times every day, and they up and came up while I wasn't looking, lol. With any good luck, in a week maybe I will be able to transplant them into their final growing container. Man, sure would be nice if I could start picking tomatoes by the time I start planting the seeds for this summers garden!

Last night, I asked mom to make scalloped potatoes, only we didn't have any ham. So I asked her if hey, could we perhaps use bulk sausage? She said that sounded fine though she hadn't ever done so before. And guess what? We all kind of liked it better than when we make it with ham! So go figure, sometimes when you are out of something, it can lead to tasty other something :)

I've been putting in tons of applications online- we are so at the end of our funds it isn't even funny- rather scary actually. And it sucks because even though I got lots of skills, everything out here is degree level stuff- or super basic. If it were a couple months from now, I probably wouldn't have a problem getting hired on at a food place- but because we are a tourist area, there really isn't anything in the middle of January. But I'm trying. So is my love- the deal we keep waiting on to go through just isn't, so he's out job hunting too.
And nicely enough, I got my first callback today, from Cracker Barrel. So now I'm playing phone tag with the manager, and hoping to get an interview sometime this week. 

And something kind of exciting... I finally opened up an etsy shop!! Right now it's just a bit of jewelry and some stuff my love can print out for vape accesories, but soon I will be adding more stuff to my shop..

Link can be found here: Beesneeds etsy shop

Today I got a few more wintersowing jugs set outside. Two each of champagne pink foxglove and white coneflower in litter jugs, and two each of tall snapdragon and dark pink snapdragon in milk jugs. It's starting to look like I got something going on out there, and I still have a bunch more jugs to go! I'm seriously keeping my fingers crossed that they will all sprout up nice :) .

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