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Welcome to Growbox Hill
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Friday, March 20, 2015

Happy Spring!!!!!

Happy Spring!!!!! To catch us up on the last week or so...

After the gloriously warm Monday we had where I was able to open windows and stroll around the property... It's been standard chilly early spring weather.

But Monday was great! Hardings had shank in ham on sale for 99 cents a pound, so I picked up two 11 dollar hams, and we smoked them all day long. Tossed in a few neck bones too for the stock pot. Then Tuesday I broke down the hams and set up the huge crockpot to make stock, and a smaller one to render out ham fat. And we had scalloped potatoes and ham for dinner Tuesday night too!

Ended up with 13 pounds of ham- a pound for dinner, 5 1 pound packs for the freezer, 3 2 pound packs for the freezer, and a pounds worth of snacking while everything was getting broken down.
2 1/2 gallons of fine pork stock. It's a nice liquid stock instead of the usual gelatin stock I get from when I make stock from hocks.
2 1/2 pints of rendered ham fat. This stuff is the shit, kicks butt all over bacon grease. It's a gourmet smokey porky treat.

And while out and about on Monday, noticed that signs of life are popping up!

The garlic beds needed clearing off-

The earliest of spring blooms are popping up, mini siberian iris and snowdrops-

The magnolia is going into bud-
The pond is well on it's way to being melted-
And the hyacinths, daffodils, and irises around the solarium are starting to pop up-

So now today is Spring!! The weather is nice and clear, a bit chill. But that's normal for spring. Best of all, we have swans back again! Yep, one swan has splashed down on the pond, and sis and mom saw the swan with another one on one of the ponds further down the road. So it looks entirely likely that we have a mated pair on the pond again! Which is extra nice, because after having a super ton of geese on the pond the other day it's a relief to have swans to chase them off- geese are messy things, lol.

We have tons of seedlings popping up all over the place- or at least all over in the trays that are in the kitchen, not so much for the ones I just started the other day out in the solarium. It's still pretty cool out there overnight, so I'm not too surprised about that. But warm weather is coming, and I couldn't be happier about it.

In some other news, work has me scheduled on every day for the whole next week- a couple days are just an hour or two of meetings, but still, it's nice to get the hours in, we seriously need the money. And also cool, I've been asked to chair as an election official in the elections coming up! It was ver nice to be an inspector last November, and the election guy happened to be eating at my work the other day, and asked me if I still wanted to chair. I said yes sir! So now at the end of next month I get to go in for my training.

And knock on wood, looks like dosing the shit out of myself with home cures and vitamins might have possibly knocked my sinus sickness out. Or at least I'm desperately hoping so- and not that it's sucked back into the backend of my sinus.  Cant afford to get me to a doctor or get me proper antibiotics so my nose blowing almost clear this morning is a really good thing.

But now I'm back off again, got some stuff to take care of before heading into work this afternoon :)

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