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Welcome to Growbox Hill
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Saturday, March 14, 2015

Been out sick...

Well, stuff has been going on around here... I've just been too sick to talk about it. How sick? Well, last week started off puking sick.. that settled down quickly into malaise and general head cold... by this weekend past, that settled into could hardly get through my 4 hour shift on Sunday, and pretty much just slept, coughed, and used up a couple of TP rolls of snotting up from Monday through Wednesday. Started feeling better Thursday, started working again Friday. Good thing I was scheduled off for most of the week. Today I started taking a tea of toothache plant, ginger, and zen tea with a healthy dose of honey to try to get rid of my upper jaw pain that is from my sinuses being fucked- can't afford to go to the doctor for antibiotics, can't afford antibiotics- thanking all the garden fairies that I grew enough toothache plant last year to dose myself now.
Toothache plant has natural antibiotic properties among other things... and is good for sinus infections.

Funny looking plant, but great to have in the home grown medicine cabinet. I really hope I have enough of it to knock out the infection.


Winter has broken, really broken. We are now seeing overnight temps in the 30's and daytime temps between 40's and breaking 60. Most of the snow has melted off the property, and there is a huge hole in the ice crust over the pond.
The solarium has had temps running in the 60's during the day, down to 50's overnight for a few days now.
Hyacinths and daffodils are starting to bud up out in the solarium garden.The kale looks like it might have survived the winter enough to give us a spring round of greens.

Indoors... most of the peppers have sprouted. The asparagus is looking great. The tomatoes that I just started last week, some are already popping up today. The grape hyacinths I held overwinter and potted up a couple weeks ago were ready for watering and are springing up now in the warm weather of the solarium. It's been warm enough out there that I moved the spinach, lettuce, and garden cress out there.Some of the strawberries have started sprouting, but not as many as I had hoped to see by now.

I also picked up a couple of watch faces from work pretty cheap on clearance, and have been working on beading up some watchbands for them. These faces come with loops so the bands have lobster claw clasps so I can swap them out at will. Kind of nice. Rather wear a watch at work than keep using my phone since it's a no-no to use my phone at work. That was before I started getting really sick, and I still need to do the finishing touches on them.. will have to take some pics and post them up.
And now it's a game to see if I can't get some wedding stuff made up and onto the etsy site in time for wedding buying... I'm so behind, and have limited materials for wedding (most of my stuff is other)... but I will see what I can do.

I gotta work tomorrow, but the next couple of days after that I will be busy sowing in the next round of seeds, getting the solarium really cleaned up for all those seeds... and just seeds, seeds, seeds! I need to start keeping my eyes on the wintersown jugs too now, because it's getting about time for them to be starting to pop too. Hard to believe after how cold and slagging last month was that this month is seeing spring popping out all over the place!

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