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Welcome to Growbox Hill
Welcome to Growbox HIll!

Friday, February 27, 2015

Since we last tuned in..

Lol, guess what? There's still snow on the channel!!! Heh, seriously, we are still in the middle of an extra fridgid cold.. but we haven't gotten snow for a couple days now, so that's been nice. Have gotten sun so that's been glorious.

Strike that- it's been absofuckinlutely fantastic!!!!

And I'm at 37 asparagus tubes sprouting- super happy about that. Now they are starting to get a bit more plush and leggy.

I ended up going out to the tractor supply place and picked up the last mini-greenhouse the place had on clearance. I just couldn't bring another one in from outside because the two out there now are full up with wintersown containers- but I'm seriously running out of room inside, I am soooo looking forward to warm enough temps that I can start having trays out in the solarium. As it is with the current single digits outside, it's only hovering in the 30's in the solarium. Which is significantly warmer by comparison to what it's been in past winters, but still way too cold for any seed growing out there yet.
So now I got two of the mini greenhouse racks set up in the kitchen in front of the window, and hopfully that will be enough space in a week or two when I need to get a couple more flats of seeds going.

Right now I have the pots and flats kind of spread out a bit because they can be. As I start new ones this will get compacted down a bunch.

But in exciting seedling news- I finally got some pepper seeds sprouting!! Still no 7-pot, still being patient with those. But I finally got a couple of pots that I started on the 9th sprouting- devil's tongue and hot lemon. And a couple of peppers from just the other day are starting to show, alma paprika and greek pepperonchini. They have just barely started to show enough to be able to tell there's something there, so I will wait till tomorrow or the next day when they have actually popped to mark them down on the spreadsheet.

And I have been really good so far about keeping up the spreadsheet. I realize in years past I've either made it to hard on myself to keep up, or just done bad keeping up because I kept writing it down either here in the blog or on paper and not putting it in the spreadsheet, or just not keeping good notes at all. So this year I'm really making an extra effort to get it all in the spreadsheet like I should be.

So tonight is a late night at work- but I'm really starting to settle in well I think. I also think it's healthy for me- I get so hermited up here that I eat my own brains, and it's good for me to get out and be social with other people. Wish I made more money, but that too shall come in time. I think I get my first review in the next week or two, and that will help a bunch.

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