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Welcome to Growbox Hill
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Friday, May 8, 2015

Apparently I took a writing hiatus.

So yeah, slagging once again with the posting.

It's April 28 and..

Bunch of stuff going on since last post.. The weather took a frigging COLD nosedive, including some snow and freeze alerts. I had to cover over the pea beds with fabric to save them, and was thankful that they were the only thing out to really worry about.

Bulbs have been booming all over, and some are actually blown out already. Sheesh, I need to put in some stake markers in some spots so I know where to dig to split some of that up! And I still have a half dozen pots of different bulbs in the green that I need to get into the ground- seriously thinking about putting them in as a border for the herb hedgerow down on the fenceline. It's time to pull some of those marker cans, so hell, why not?

Attended my election chair training this morning- it was a lot of information to take in, but pretty cool just the same :) I'm actually looking forward to running my district for voting in a few days. 

Got a couple of the mini greenhouses covered- and they are now off the ground in full sun to on the porch in part shade. It's time to start getting some pots out there, so yep, moving time. I moved about a dozen pots of various flowers and herbs out there today.

And I built a tent for the tiger eye beans- out of bamboo poles and 8 degree frost blanket. I put one bean in the ground today to test since we are having a frost watch tonight. Tomorrow I will find out if I can plant in the rest of the beans there or not. I figure I can take that whole fenceline since the Mayflower beans are doing so crappy- I can put those on a teepee later on without problems down by the squash bed next to the garlic. Ugh, need to make that bed up tomorrow, yuck.

April 29..

Been a busy day. Got a tray of lime slices and a tray of clementine wedges on to dehydrate- got a dozen eggs hard boiled, using the steam method. Got two diswasher loads of stuff cleaned.

Got the Tiger Eye beans planted- and the rich sweetness melons too. I was going to plant cukes in the spot, but the melons were further along, so I went with it.
Got a large swath of the mint bed tore up, cleaned up.. and the Apple, Orange, and Ginger mints planted in. Didn't plant in the Banana, because I'm not positive exactly where I want it. The Chocolate and Pineapple mints are looking great. Got some of the herb bed weeded and unmulched too- I really am hoping my oregano and thyme plants I started from seed take off, I want to plant in a lot more of those two!
I tackled the horrifying task of cleaning up the parsley hedgerow- I actually have more tulips than I thought growing in again this year. Pulled out all of the cans because now their job is pretty much done, and heavily sowed in parsley seed, using up a lot of seed. And I still want to extend that area by another 10 feet? Gosh. And still up is starting up the dill hedgerow on the other side of the utility pole- but I think I'm gonna go lazy with that one, and smother the shit out of it this year with newspaper and cardboard- and actually plant it in next year. After the parsley bed dicking around, I think it's probably better to wait a year and just do it the easier way. 

Damn.. May 8...

I've been not posting.. too busy working, and doing a lot of not necessary to post catching up with a lot of other crap in between. No one cares how many loads of laundry I've done, or if I swept the solarium and picked up pots, lol.

But over the last few days, I froze up and vacuum sealed up 6 big bags of fresh asparagus. Made a few damn fine meals with it too. Seriously need to build an asparagus bed.

Today I did epic mowing of the back- including breaking a hang bracket off the mowing deck and my awesome neighbor quick welding it back together so I could continue. 15 barrows of mowed grass heaped up on the lasagne beds and tomato patch. Bean tower built and some beans planted- as well as a few squashes planted. Now comes a shittload of rain.

Oh yeah... Boston Orioles showed up, so did the hummers. Got a killdeer nest in the arch drive.

And mom made dinner, so I better post this now before I lose track again..

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