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Welcome to Growbox Hill
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Monday, May 25, 2015

Seriously Mama N?

So over the last few days worth since I posted...

The other night dipped into the 30's.. Fucking eh seriously. Upper 30's, but still, damn.

Had a day off work.. and work done in the yard.

I got all the tomatoes and peppers for sale set up. Spent hours yesterday trying to hunt down an honor box, to no avail. I ended up spending 10 bucks on a plain wood box from Michaels and a lock hasp from Home Depot to build my own honor box. That got a money slot cut in with the dremmel, the hardware changed out to the lockable hasp, and the whole thing screwed down to the countertop I use in the pole barn- flipped over to dig into the wood side.
Got all the carry home boxes cut up and taped up last night while babysitting my sisters cats. Got the sinage made up today and put out. And then carting down all the plants.
I turned around my sisters truck in the pole barn so it can serve as overnight holding for the plants.

Then I made the tomato cages. Since I found 6 foot tall fencing for just a few bucks more than the 5 foot tall fencing, that's what I bought. Shuffled around between 6 foot and 6 foot 4 inch cuts, but made up 8 cages out of the whole length. Yes, took pics, will post those up.

Made 10 half pints of dandelion petal jelly.. Good thing I happened to have a quart of vanilla sugar and a vanilla bean on hand to make it with- thanks mum! Stuff looks good, I will let it cure for a while before I try tasting it.

Sold a couple plants, 9 dollars worth so far. So throwing a sale for Memorial Day, but not sure how well that will go. I just kind of want the plants to just go and get planted more than make money, I would hate to think I took so much time and effort just for them to languish in the front yard.

Got the tomatoes and some of the peppers planted- some of the later started super hots are still too small to put into the ground yet. Also noticed that a handful of the nasturtiums are popping up, and the hibiscuses in the front border are starting to plush up right fine. I'm down to two mini-greenhouses holding plants outside now- and one greenhouse is full of flowers that I seriously need to get into the ground. But since I have to do a floor move at 6 AM tomorrow (yuck), that will leave me a couple days to bust butt and play catchup in the yard- now only if Mama N will play nice and send rain at the right times so I can get mowing and planting in as well as having the watering going on that I need to have going on.

Decided to take some time for myself to not bust ass today after work, and just chill out, relax. I don't really get to do that much anymore. And now I've been putting in applications for a second job, so that will become even less. And now a friend told me I should apply with the school system to be a lunch lady- only that job wouldn't start till the fall even if I do get hired on. So sigh, I keep trying on trying :)

But now I'm gonna finish this up because as nasty chilly as it was a few days ago, today it's sunny, really warm, and a bit breezy so I'm going to go have some fun and relax!

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