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Thursday, July 14, 2016

Planting in, praying for rain

It's a hot and dry one so far this summer.... We have gotten way less rainfall than usual, though we aren't quite into drought like 2012 yet. But the surface moisture tables are wicking away...

We really need rain, Pray, pray, pray for rain... and a lot of it.

But planting goes on... I've picked up more than my usual amount of plant this year due to where I work.. easier to spend money when you are there and get good deals on stuff.

I've planted in Sweet Anne and citronella plant in several places.. still have a few more of those to go.
I started one last round of cuke, melon, and summer squash seeds. So far no luck with any of those, and trying in trays for one last try.
I have some coral bells and other shade flowers that either need to get in the ground or get repotted- still not positive where those 10 plants final home will be, I'm torn between a couple places now, lol.

Been doing some potting up on lavenders, about a dozen total. Those are going to get overwintered in pots and I want to set up a smother bed this year to set them into next summer.

I still have a few other odds and ends to plant up. A bunch of marigolds, a couple eggplants, some rosemary...

The Aquilegia harvest is done!! I was able to get quite a bit of seed for the first time from my full double furl blue and white aquilegia that I've left isolated for three years. YAY for great seed harvest.
The regular aquilegia patch is done as of today too. I ended up with an unexpectedly large harvest this year. The regular patch has yellow single trumpet, pink and white single trumpets, blue and white single trumpet, and a double tassle burgundy and magenta, so I'm hoping for some interesting crossbreeds from this years seed batch. 

I took time the other day after the little rain we got to sprinkle Hyrbrix fertilizer around everything. I'm hoping it will help those tomatoes and peppers along that have been getting sort of neglected lately.  

The hanging strawberries needed trimming and cleaning up at work yesterday, so all the vines I cut off yielded me up 72 baby strawberry plants. I got those potted up today and now I need to keep a careful eye on them for at least a week or two
Some strawberries trail down, and those can be snipped off and potted up just like spider plant babies.  The two varieties are of teh Berri Basket series. White, which is a larger berry and white flowers, and Rose, which has smaller elongated berries and semi double deep rose flowers. 

Yesterday, I was introduced to dewberries. A ground vining berry I always thought was blackberries that were ground vining instead of caning turns out to be a dewberry.
It is far more delish than blackberries, and turns out I have them growing already and got a crash course in how to tame my wild patch.

so turns out a crappy ground vining blackberry I ignored for years is its own delightful berry that I already have and is worth cultivating for pies and jelly, but even better yet.... Wine.

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