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Welcome to Growbox Hill
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Thursday, January 26, 2017

Fortunes Turning.. some long overdue pics!

So I figured it was long overdue to put up a few pics of the village that has been up and changing for months now. There's a crapton of them, so I culled out just some of the basic overall pics for now... I really need to get better with my camera, I take a lot of bad photos, lol. Not sure how many pics I can load as a time, but here goes...

Halloween first. I started putting it up the day after Labor Day, and it grew, lol. It also took up a lot of additional space, but I liked wrapping it around the solarium wall much better than using the long wall in the living room like I did last year.

Merchants Row- this had all the big storefronts, the Avary, and on the right is Grimms coffee clatch- he's developed quite the skeleton following, lol. Down below on the left is the farm, it had it's own running train to pick up the brain vine produce- and the brightly glowing ball is the pumpkin water tower. All that orange fabric is one whole piece of yardage I picked up at one point for some sort of awesome frock or robe or something, just dunno what it will be yet.

An end shot- Draculas nice front door flanked with benches, and in the background you can see the Alley District with it's Drive In :) You can't really see it well because the solarium lights aren't on to backlight it- but the left hand panel of glass is lined with a gory fridge shelf pinup- that's kind of permanently in place.

Another shot- on the left you can see the drive in, including a real movie screen that my love printed up and put together for me so we could have a October movie marathon. Next to that is the Dog Park, Franks, and Stu's. On the top is a bit of downtown next to the coffin makers district. To the left you can see that gory fridge shelf better.

Another angle, this one is better. All the fabrics I used here are stuff that's been sitting around or scraps and work well for filling in and making some color differences.

Above the TV was the Childrens Ward. Orphanage, schools and housing, a church, and a bit of a graveyard for all those lost souls to hang out.

Another angle- the ghosties had a good place :) In the upper right corner is the kids sandbox which will later become a sledding hill. And on the bottom right is the Bone Gazebo, where humans are stored.

The corner build stretching the Childrens Ward over to Main Street. That guy in the upper left corner looking awesome is Job- as in the guy from the bible. He's kind of the patron saint of Fortunes Turning, but that's a long story for another time.

And a long shot of Main Street and Lower Main. The double deck up top has things like the town hall, clocktower, and of course a lot of folks spooking around. Down below is Merchants Run running on the thin strip above the falls with an outpost to the left and the Dock area to the right.

After Halloween it was time to change things up a little bit. A lot of stuff is too spooky to keep out like that. So the entire Alley District got dismantled and cleared out. The Merchants Row got totally dismantled and cleared out too- the stereo area got reset and left open to use as buffet space through the holidays.

 The mantle got a bit of a reset, with Main Street and Lower Main still set up structure wise, but a lot of buildings got shuffled around too. This is a better pick of Lower Main. Merchant's Run is still having fall sales, and the Dock is still open for business.

A better pic of Main Street.

And the Children's Ward got reworked a bit to be more town friendly and accept in the Drive In.

The Autumn setup was more of a time holder than anything else.. and I really didn't want to pull out all that foliage yet that I had wound through the whole shelving here. Taking that out required a full striping out of everything and pretty much starting over.. And that I did for the Winter Season!

 It's blurry, but I wanted to show the holiday setup here. I had the awesome sunburst fabric, but had to pick up the holly stuff- I didn't have too much by way of Christmas colors already on hand.

A finishing detail. To protect that glorious Christmas fabric, I used a red plastic table runner, and laid over that red paper table runner that I already had. The ribbon is tacked down to hold that whole thing in place nicely.

Above the TV got a winter makeover... the sandbox from the Childrens Ward has now become a sledding hill :)

A long shot of Main Street. Lower Main is all gone now, and taken over by the Snow People :) The two hurricanes on the right are filled with blue mini lights and poly fill, and light up beautifully.

The Snow People have also taken over Main Street, much like their undead counterparts a few months ago, lol. In the upper right you can see my new Cheese Sandwich Shop that was a pre-Christmas gift, and in the bottom left the new Barn and Silo I picked up at a resale shop for 10 bucks.

And right side of Main Street.

That pretty much rounds out 2016. Since then right after New Years I set up for Imbolc, and after that a lot of early spring re-arranging.... But that's another years and another post...

But it is kind of amazing. In 2013 I had the bar and a couple witch businesses, Hallows Corners on the Mantle. It was fun, made me happy. Then sis showed up and Nightvale became a real place, with stories to tell and jokes to share. It's become a joy we share. She's really an inspiration and comrade in cool when it comes to this. I think it's badass. And then this last few months of ongoing village has been kind of crazy, but so well worth it.

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