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Welcome to Growbox Hill
Welcome to Growbox HIll!

Thursday, March 2, 2017

Some shopping and pricing... Hmmmm...

The difference between shopping in two towns and two stores..

Menards to the north of us.. Yesterday I bought a 2 pack of regular soft light bulbs and two individual daylight bulbs for my pair of 48 inch shop lights over my workbench. At Menards the 2 pack was 5 bucks, and each bulb was 5 bucks- 15 bucks for four bulbs.
Today I hit Home Depot to the south of us, looking for a tarp and already knowing what Menards had from that run yesterday- I checked to see what they have because I knew a recap on the greenhouse roof was coming up sooner than later in the next few weeks. Checked out the bulb prices. The two pack of bulbs ran 9 bucks, and the individual bulbs were 9 bucks each- it would have been 27 bucks!
Then today it became much more imperative I pick up that tarp- we blew a hole in the roof of the greenhouse and an emergency overcap was required stat. Home Depot didn't have any white plastic tarps- and white is mandatory for a greenhouse roof capping- and their blue tarp of comparative size was way more expensive. My sister took note of the prices there and the Home Depot one was 50 bucks, the Menards one 32 bucks. It was worth the bit of time and gas to drive up to Menards and get what I really wanted for so much cheaper.

Menards and Home Depot are about the same distance away from me. But dang, I really do save big big money- 30 bucks between bulbs and a tarp over the last two days. 

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