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Welcome to Growbox Hill
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Sunday, March 26, 2017

A few pics from Fortunes Turning

I made a big ole pic heavy post the other day about this... some pics of our village as it has progressed through the seasons so far... but apparently it was too pic heavy or something, because it seems to have never posted and rather simply disappeared. So I'm going to try this again, lol.

I started last year the day after Labor day with setting up the Halloween village. It took up the most space unsurprisingly enough. In 2015 I had used the long wall of the living room to set up large table space.. in 2016 I opted to wrap around the solarium wall instead. The whole thing just flowed so much better, and the Halloween Village is really expanded....

Fortunes Turning is kind of what I've settled into for the village name. It's a place of all crossroads and turnings, fortunes met and parted.. that sort of thing. Sometimes we call it Nightvale too, of Nightvale fame.. but that's kind of more of a "county" at this point, when there's so much Halloween Village out, it's kind of more than just a village, lol. But the rest of the year all the spooky sprawl goes back to the grave for the most part, and Fortunes Turning remains.
There is the Saga of Fortunes Turning too.. as we set things up and make vignettes, stories come out, places get new names and citizens turn up... and sooner or later time to post some pics...

Lets start with Halloween 2016 and see how the pics load or not..

Merchants Row and The Farm. A lot of the larger merchant buildings are here on the top starting with The Aviary on the left, then the Cheesemaker- they make some of the finest Gorgon-zola cheese, and have their own goat herd tended by a wonderful barfing poodle. The Winery is next, and they have a great selection of home grown brews. Up the hill is the Macintosh Cider Mill- they have award-winning pies and produce, but are closed from late spring through till after Labor Day. Last on the hill is the Zombie Cafe, they too are closed when it's warm out- health code reasons :)  That dropdown on the right is Grimm's Coffee- he hangs out with the skellies eating doughnuts and drinking coffee while his girlfriend croons at him.
The Farm is where the pumpkin watertower glows and pumps water to the brainvines. There's a train that comes by to pick up picked loads- but usually just zooms by without ever stopping for some reason. The Brains are an odd bunch of farmers, but their pig and vine compost seems to keep The UnderWood happy.

No Avary is properly run without a Dracula in the basement. Of course his front door is nicely appointed with a pair of benches... sometimes visitors might have quite the wait till sunset and would like a seat. In the background you can see the "township" of Ends Meet. It not only boasts the only functioning Drive In in the county, but one of the biggest commercial producers in the county.. The Coffin Factory.

The township of Ends Meet kind of just sprang up- so much so it got it's own clocktower and mailbox! On the brown clay cliffs sits The Drive In. It has a fully functional movie screen that plays various horror movies 24/7 all October. It's quite the attraction area with the bowling alley next door and the back door leading to The Dog Park next door. The Dog Park is an odd area- refer to Night Vale for general rules. But an odd exception here is that the Feral Chickens seem to be able to come and go from there with impunity, just like they have always done apparently. To the right of The Dog Park is Franks, he can fix just about anything that has to do with nuts and bolts, electrical stuff.. stitching together just about anything and really bringing it to life. And Stu's on the corner- it's an important source of never ending power and parts to the community- and is one of the only buildings in the county to run a light 24/7. This area is often affectionately nicknamed The Alley by the locals.
Up the hill is The Coffin Factory. To the left is downtown- and the one house. The Coffin Cafe has some of the only takeout in town, but the Zombie Brothers know how to grill up a mean mess of just about anything that don't fall through the grate into the coals.

Of course since the family that runs The Hill has that nice factory.. another shot of the area is due. The business really does take good care of their workers.. and they are the best recyclers of pretty much everything including their workers. During their high season from the day after Labor Day till the weekend following Samhain fills the county coffers right on up!

Of course.. some of those coffers overflow and supply The Childrens Ward- Fortunes Telling has a large one... But that's for the next post...

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