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Welcome to Growbox Hill
Welcome to Growbox HIll!

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Fortunes Turning, part 3

And with the close of summer and into the cooling days the third and final harvest of Halloween came into town.. and the whole booming economy of the town became huge.. and then Samhain came, and the last reaping was done, the last portal that was opened was closed- leaving fewer doors in more secret places behind.. and then the weekend after came the cleanup when the convention blew back out out town...
Market Row and The Farm went down to other demands. The Cheese Factory, Winery, and Macintosh press. Ends Meet met it's entire end- the whole area demolished and only The Drive In survived and moved into Fortunes Turning proper along with the grill guys.

The Drive In moved up to the Ward... and a bunch of the spooky school stuff got packed away.

Above the falls got quite the rework.. most of the big buildings that were on Merchants Run ended up here, and the population started changing.. not so many folks of ghastly pallor and more rosy cheeks showing up.  The Witches have given up Lower Main entirely, and the churches cemetery has risen out of the sewage plant. Merchants Run got some new lights strung up.. but a lot of the vendors just aren't getting foot traffic.

The new farm with it's own gas station has bumped out the pumpkin farm and trading post. Santa has been spotted at the brothel getting the lowdown on who's been naughty and nice so far this year... And the final shipment of booze kegs is getting dropped off at The Warf.

Autumn was more of a waiting and holdover time in a lot of ways.. I had put some effort into twining all the falls, vines, and lights together and I knew a full tear down was coming up for winter- the fall colors had to be put away and the snowy skies were about to start peeping out...

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