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Sunday, March 26, 2017

Fortunes Turning part 2

Since I lost the first posting of the whole thing, I decided to break this up into smaller posts that will post more readily.. so, post 2..

Last post left off to introduce The Children's Ward.. Really just The Ward to most locals.

There is an astonishing amount of little ghosts all over the place- and most of them seem to be a bit of juvenile delinquent problem, always flying in and out of every nook and cranny of buildings they possess, and dancing till all hours of dawn in the cemeteries.  Nightvale County decided to handle the matter by rounding them all up and giving them a good place to live. The Ward has an orphanage, Wizards Herb Instistute, a school, student and faculty housing, church, and more..
These grounds boast a functional human corral with The House Spider sitting nanny, two chefs, a baker, and a cruel lunch lady, a 90 degree angle sandbox with bloodvines to keep the kids safe, and a two tier cemetery with the Witch-o-Lantern keeping them from getting to rascally.
Here we can also see where the vines and waters start entangling into Fortunes Turning proper. There's a bit of a to do about being from above the falls or below them...

Some of this to do has to do with Job... He's sort of the patron saint of the area. Interesting story from the bible.. and anywho. This is where all the waters and crossings and turnings really meet up. We have the Celestial falls coming in from behind Job, the Blood falls flowing from under and out of The Blood and Vine, The Spook falls churning in and out of everywhere, The UnderWood sprouting up and growing out.. It's a crux. Of course the witches took over lower main... and the vamps extended the Blood falls out as they could on upper main..

Main quickly split off into Upper and Lower Main.. and the falls developed into under the falls. Town Hall is in the center of Upper Main with a nice Manor, Bakery, and the Post Office on the left. A note about the Post Office- They are only open during the Halloween and Autumn Season window. The rest of the year random appearing and disappearing mailboxes, bats, and occasional bees are available for mail service. Right now the chalet on Snow Mountain has applied for winter service, but that's on hold till next season when the snow will fly again. To hold up the right end of Upper Main is the local Funeral Home. This is the only place above the falls where a motorized vehicle is allowed- the hearse that services the whole community.
The witches pretty much took over the whole of Lower main with the exception of the right tower and main clocktower. Their flight school is one of the few left that has the full program of broom building and enchanting as well as a accredited flight testing ground. Their open court area is always a safe and full area of trade and various.... folks... And they do make the most satisfactory medibles to be found amongst any witchy community. The right tower has been much a battle scene. Properly set up as a courtyard of the big clocktower.. an axe wielding squirrel quickly set up door there and started terrorizing the ent stump living in the area. Gosh. The tower was one of the few lights to remain on 24/7 like Stu's during the Halloween season.
Under the falls was kind of a development in progress through most of the season. Merchants Row sprung up of many small cart vendors almost overnight where the Celestial falls drops off and the lower falls froths out. To the left a small pumpkin farm and trading post sprung up.. And to the right a much scandalous section of town sprung up, comprised of carnival crazy, The Warf House, Sophies Brothel, and The Rogues Club.. Gosh...

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