Welcome to Growbox Hill

Welcome to Growbox Hill
Welcome to Growbox HIll!

Monday, August 22, 2011

Been a while

Yeah, been a couple of weeks since my last post. Why? Because there hasn't been much to comment on, lol.

We've gotten some more scrap down to the firepit area, and the rest of it around the yard is sorted and stacked. And er, that's about it for outdoor work, ha ha.

Also got the liquid glass panels done for the great room windows, and they are now up. It was sort of ambitious, I had never attempted to do 10 matching panels at once before. The great room doors look much nicer now that the cheap muslin curtains I made and the glass panels are up. It looks wonderful in the morning with the sun streaming in. I took pics, but haven't uploaded the camera yet, so I will put up a before and after shots at some time :)
Also made a crazy ass panel for the mud bathroom that's a big ole colorful flower. I wanted to use up some of my older supplies before they turned to total gel in the bottles. Between the different colored "leads" and "glass" it turned out pretty frigging bold, both from the inside and outside. I think I like it.

In other stuff, got a couple a really decent chairs from the neighbor. He had his pickup stuffed, and didn't want to have to offload it all into his barn, find space and all, so he asked if we wanted them. I like our neighbors, they are always so nice.
Did some shopping recently, gathering materials for stepping stones. Found a 12" round for 5 bucks at michaels in town, and a large octagonal one for 7 bucks at hobby lobby- it was on sale, and four tubs, two brick, and two rectangle stepper all for 4 buck each at michaels when I was visiting my mom and sister. Good deals all. I think I now have enough forms to warrant mixing up a full bag of cement at a time, yay! I alwo picked up a few bags of glass pebbles on clearance for a buck each. Some of them had glitter dollops on the back and it was a really nice effect, so since there were a bunch of clear ones, I did some of my own dolloping with the tail end of some glitter glues I had. Nice to be wiping out the old stock on that stuff. I also discovered glow in the dark glass stars. The glow brightly, still not sure for how long. I plan on planting those into pavers that will be the path leading from the house down to the firepit. I figure that will be real handy for guests :) The large octagonal ones will be for around the firepit itself, they will look fine down there. I'm gonna be making pavers all winter, so I would have some goodly stacks for placing next spring :)

Here's a hint for finding bits for building. Hit your local hardware store rather than the big chains when you are looking for odd nuts and bolts. I had the damdest time finding 3mm nuts till I hit the local place back in Wi- they had em by the bagful, lol. So I got two for my love since he needs them for mounting boards and such to run his printouts.
Speaking of which- holy cow is the data tank coming along sweet!! He was running it around the house using a stupid little ipod this weekend. Yeah, he wrote up the software, and now it can be controlled with a hand held device. How badass is that? Pretty soon I will have a data tank cruising along after me taking down all the stats so I can just concentrate on doing stuff :)

Cooking- Been experimenting with hobo packets for the campout coming up. What's a hobo packet? All sorts of yummy stuff wrapped up in foil so one can toss it on the fire to cook up. Did lemon pepper chicken with potatoes, veggie, and sausage packets so far, still want to try a hamburger one before I start posting up how I made them. Sheesh, I want to hit it right twice before I post up recipe action too, lol.

Anywho, my love needs to tinker with the internet for a bit, so I'm off again :)

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