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Welcome to Growbox Hill
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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Time for a rant

I'm so mad I could spit. Ok, already dropped the Fbomb several times at the top of my lungs in the yard and could still spit.

Our lovely neighbors-the ones that make the truck hole in our yard and STILL hasn't fixed it has really pissed me off some more.

We were out walking the yard today, and I wandered over to check the squashes. Lo and behold, I discovered a smashed plant. Looking up I discover a couple sets of tire tracks in my yard. Apparently dropping brush in the arch drive did deter the neighbors from using it, but they decided to drive around the drive, through my yard and over my squash plants instead.

Yeah, WTF? Like the brush wasn't a good enough hint to stay the eff off my property? Guess not.
Motherlorn jackasses- I loathe richies that have their heads up their asses so far that they can't be decent to other people, it doesn't even occur to them to consider anyone but themselves. People like that are on the top of my "I don't give a fuck what you think asshat" list. I have zero respect for anyone like that. Socially I have to deal with folks like that sometimes, but I avoid it if I can because it's so damn hard to be civil with them knowing what selfish pricks they are.

So now we get to spend money we don't have getting a surveyor out here to mark off our property line so I can build a fence. Shit, we don't even know where the bucks will come from for the second furnace needed to heat the "water" half of the house to prevent water pipe explosion yet, I might have to open a credit card to do it. In the meantime, I will be dropping more brush loads in the yard to further block access as a free solution. Something I shouldn't have to do if I didn't have subhumans next door. And if they complain when I put the fence in- too damn bad. Maybe if they were civilized and decent I wouldn't have to defend my property against their ravages.
Could this cause a problem with those neighbors? Probably. But apparently they have a problem with you if you don't hang out and get shitfaced with them every weekend, and since we haven't been doing that I think we are already on their yack list.

And hey, I think I now know where the hives will be placed once it's time for me to start doing bees. Was only planning on doing 2-4 of them but a nice line of them along that side of the property should prove to be more of a challenge than some dumbfuck on wheels is willing to handle. And lol, not like much else can go there but plants anyway, the ground is just too soggy when it's not frozen for any decent type of building.
Maybe I will try my first recycling project for the fence too. I know beer bottles are worth trade in here in MI, so we have been saving them all. But I wanted to experiment with bottle wall building too, so all I would need is the cement to bind the layers together. With the way the wind is around here it might get kind of noisy, but I think it would be a lovely reuse of those bottles. If I leave them whole, we might even get some wildlife insects finding homes there. I'm all good with that. Hell, I should start saving whisky bottles too, lop off the heads and those could be a killer line of planters on the top of the thing. We even have a nice mix of colors in beer too. Mostly brown and clear, but maybe we can get enough green for a cool stripe effect in the wall. An added benefit is that they may "accidentally" wreck a standard fence, but it would be pretty hard to completely smash over a eight inch thick fence of cement and glass. And if they do, I know how to use stone instead :)
And who knows? maybe the survey will prove to provide enough room for some gnarly spikes on our side of the fence too. That little extra protection, right?

Since I am already planning on putting in all the ditch lilies and a row of lilacs on our side of the easement drive anyway, in a few years maybe I won't even have to notice their existence, and they will forget they ever had the baha room to begin with.

Ok, starting to feel better now that my immense righteous fury is turning to a positive creative expression.

And more positive- we get along great with the neighbors behind us, the ones that have the easement drive. They are awesome people, every one of them. We get along with our north neighbors too, they party hard, but are pretty harmless so far. And one of the siblings runs the local tavern where we have taco Tuesdays, and he is a right fine gent, so that's an extra plus. Haven't even heard peep from our "far" north neighbors or the folks across the road, and the "far" south neighbors are nice. So all in all, we are still doing far better than the destructive psycho we used to live under in the city.

So, whew, rant over. And I didn't swear more than not swearing, lol.

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