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Welcome to Growbox Hill
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Monday, August 8, 2011

Grrr, electricity!

Sigh, power was out again. It was only a thirty minute squall yesterday morning, but we didn't get power back up till early this afternoon. Gee, guess what caused it? Downed tree on a wealthies property on the lakeside of 63. Apparently this is the cause of pretty much all our outages. Some folks like their pretty tree better than keeping the power lines clear :(
I have been assured that this year is abnormal for storms like this. We shall see how it goes. But hey, the generator is fully up and running now! We were using it last night and today. I'm gonna need to set in a few pavers in that area to make it all flat and grass free. The heat that kicks off that thing can cook grass dry in a matter of hours!

Did yet another burn, and I already have at least two more neatly stacked on the north side of the house. Plus we have a big ole pile of big logs action for burning. I think as long as it is clear, we are going to have one hell of a halloween fire this year! Did the burn before 10 this morning- and its really a perfect time for it. Not too hot, and the cottonwood blocks the sun till almost noon. And the embers can glow all day long and I can keep an eye on it- no worrying about the yard burning down in my sleep.
But then with the rains, prolly don't have to worry about it anyway.

Two hours saw about a third of the north maple mess stacked up. Not too bad. I think another three hours or so will clean up the rest of the majority of it. Got a little odd saw stack to far. But Earl and the boys sure did a fine job whacking up the rest of the sawable stuff. Still a lot of loping to firepit lengths.

Just Ruby this morning for chicken bread. The hummingbirds are popping up, time to refill their feeder again. I see the swans on the pond in the morning, but they usually go hide or something by mid-day.
And I saw a super adorable baby toad today whilst cutting. Just over an inch long, mostly dark, and hopping away like mad! Also saw a lovely yellow and black tailed butterfly today- will have to look that one up and sprinkle some seed for it in the firepit sanctuary.

For food: Super easy quiche.
6 eggs, well beaten
Add in 1/4 c flour, 1/2 t baking powder, and 1/2 t salt. Whisk well.
Add in any seasonings you want, and whisk those too.
Stir in a cup of cottage cheese, and a cup of shredded cheese.
Stir in some veggies- about a cup and a half or so, a 10 oz frozen spinach is good, or a drained can of veggie and a drained can of mushrooms, or something frozen or fresh :) If it's a watery veggie, cook off some of that water and cool before adding to the eggs.
Stir in some meat if you wish- a half pound of bacon fried up, or a couple brats left over from last nights grilling, those couple last slices of meatloaf..
Pour the whole thing into a pie crust- frozen deep dish is fine.

Cook at 400 for 15 min.
Reduce heat to 350, cook for 30 min.
Kill heat, crack oven, and let sit till cool enough to take out of the oven with bare hands.
Eat warm or chilled.

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