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Welcome to Growbox Hill
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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Seed report...

Well, even though the overnight temps have dipped down into the 30's and yep, we have woken to frost a couple of times in the past several days.. We have also had fairly warmish days too, full of chill breezes and spats of precipitation. The temps in the solarium have been holding warm enough that I decided it was time to clean up and move the bench back. 

 Before shot... Lots of stuff sprouting!! Sadly the pink egg trays at the end holding chamomile I declared a null and pulled the trays.

 And all the windows are empty and the plants have been stretching for the sun.

 Cept for int the SE corner. The flat leaf parsley, lettuce, and pumpkin pepper plants are all looking great.

 The half dozen trays of marigolds I put into the window ledges an evening or two ago. They have held up perfectly, so I decided to clean them up. Since I had about 26 out of 72 spots fail, I took a spoon and lifted out the dead spots on four trays and emptied out two trays. All of the failed to take egg carton dirt and the dirt from garlic chives (also declared NULL) went into the pot that I later planted with.
 Green Zebra Tomatos, the failed cheese pepper that replaced the failed paprika pepper, the ghost chilis and half the hot pepper mix are in the big trays. The cheese peppers pots will just sit as they are till I need to use them. I'm thinking of setting them aside to dry out a bit though.
The 4 pots are brussel sprouts and cabbage, and the soup cans are cilantro, basil of genovese and purple types, and compacto dill.

 The leeks are in the really small pots, more cabbage and cauliflower in the small 4 pack pots. The nice plants on the upper left are Paul Robeson tomatoes, under them are the other half of the hot pepper mix that finally decided to sprout.. and next to that is the cayenne, planted to replace the failed pepperchini. Yep, I've declared the cayenne NULL too.

 Soybeans, lettuce, straweberries, beets, parsnips, carrots, lovage, wildflower growing. I finally had tiny sproutlings peek their heads in the oregano and lovage pots, hooray! The toothache plant is still a no go :(

 A twelve pack of mammoth dill, a flat of flat leaf parsley, several pots of moonflower to plant in the area outside my love's office window. The red plastic coffee can has a whole bunch of cutting celery kicking up, and the three matching coffee cans have white, brown, and black mustards in them.

 So, I pulled all the dead spots, put plants back onto windowsills, and moved the bench. I now have room to do future potting and seeding. If needed, I can pull off the windowsills overnight if we get frost or freeze advisories.

 So, this is pretty much what the seedling bench looks like now. Yeah, I do like to pack them in at this stage. I think the en masse helps them retain their temps and moisture a little bit.

 Ok, I took a shot of my Envy Soybean for an entry to Pinetree Seeds after they had been planted 10 days and all were cracking heads. This is what the monsters look like today. I tucked them into the corner so they could get better sunlight.

So, had kind of a oh shit moment and a hey, I can try a planting experiment kind of thing whilst rummaging in the fridge the other day...

 This is what I found. A sprouted onion and a bag of ginger left over from ages ago. Well crap, hate to throw stuff out that could have been eaten in time, even if it is to compost. But wait, I could try for some second life out of the stuff...

 Took a recycled can, and threw some of the dirt into it that I knocked out of my reusable pots that I declared NULL. Put the onion in it.

 Filled the pot up, watered it, and tossed it on the windowsill. If it sprouts up I will use the greens that grow off it for some fresh onion action to my cooking.

The ginger was in three chunks. So I used the rest of the knocked out dirt and a bit extra from the bag. Once it was mostly full, I snugged the ginger in. Then I filled the pot to the top, about an inch or so above the roots. Then I watered it well and set it on the edge of the pond. We shall see if anything happens from this.

A failed experiment in take a kitchen scrap and try it that failed... Taking snippets of thyme and sage and sprouting them. I am not sure if I just didn't take viable enough chunks or what, so I will just let the plants grow for another year or whatever and try again when there is woodier stuff on them.

I also potted up the couple of seeds of Good King Henry I have. I needed to revamp the veg row boxes a tad to accommodate for what has failed, and I decided to try the sample seed in the solarium instead of using a square for it. 

The only wildcast seed that looks like it might actually be doing something might be the aquilegia that I scattered outside my love's office window. There is a fairly even growth of somethings going on, but I'm not sure if it's flower or weed yet, haha.

And cleaning up a ton of my seed. I got ideas for stuff, muahahahaha.

In the next couple weeks I get to gear up on all sorts of other stuff too. Spring has sprung!

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