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Welcome to Growbox Hill
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Thursday, April 26, 2012

A minty travel story...

Mint... sometimes it's kind of funny how this weed, tea, culinary object, crop, medicine, what have you comes and goes around...

Around 15 years ago, I bought a mint plant and placed it in my yard. While living at this house, the mint got big enough that I gave a whole beds worth of starts for the place my sister was living at.
So I shared some starts with her, and some of those starts ended up at another house she lived at and at a friends house. While all this sharing was going on, I moved from the house I planted the original mint in, and never looked back.

Now I'm where I'm at now. Just a couple weekends ago the friend that got mint starts asked me if I wanted some of those plants for my yard now that I can have something like that again. Of course I said yes.

It's kind of cool. A mint I planted 15 years ago has been shared and planted and moved and shared.. and now I get to plant in a bed of the descendents of that one plant I planted so long ago.

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