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Welcome to Growbox Hill
Welcome to Growbox HIll!

Tuesday, May 1, 2012


Happy Beltane!! First of May!!

Now is the time of year when the earliest glimmerings of Imbolc/Groundhog Day/ whathaveyou are coming into full season. All of the fruit trees are having their blossoming time as well as a plethora of flowers. I have a huge patch of daffs to split up and those ooober beautiful irises I dug up and redistributed last year are just starting to fringe out on several blades in their new location. The wild mustard has been blooming like crazy all over the place everywhere we go for the last several days. Even the oaks are showing signs of stirring, though I would hesitate to call the tiny buds anything close to leaves the size of a mouses ear yet.
The time has come to start looking forward to steady warmer weather and more sun.

Right now is the start of asparagus season as well as avocado in the stores and markets. For regional hunting, it's spring turkey season. Now is also the time that the first flushes of spring sown lettuce are ready for some tender salad. For mushroom hunters, it's to my understanding that a lot of the recent weather has lead to some unpredictable flushes and delays, so good hunting to you!

In wildlife, now is the time that an explosion of birds comes onto the scene. All the goldfinches, sparrows, cardinals, red-winged blackbirds, and blech, the grackels are coming onto the scene.
Time to start setting out a tray of ground eggshells- today is the mark of a lot of wild laying season, and the shells can help with future shell development in the wildlife.
Mr. and Mrs. Swan have both been spotted with 3-4 cygnets. We spotted the whole family yesterday, and from the angle we were at, it was hard to tell how many babies there were. 
Going to fill the oriole and humming bird feeders this week now too- should be past freezing the tank, and still cool enough to let the liquids set a spell.

No bonfire or wee folk action for this holiday. Just mellow have some leftovers and turn in early. Why? I don't want to throw open an invitation when I plan on a lot of renovations before Halloween. Wouldn't it suck to start a lease or ownership of a place just for it to move someplace else over the next six months to a year? And get renovations too?

Anywho, happy May day. Time to get together some plates of leftover food bits. The natives are restless for snacks, lol.

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