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Welcome to Growbox Hill
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Thursday, May 10, 2012

Holy crap I own a lot of stuff.

It hasn't been raining too much, but it has been fairly cool over the last couple days. Since I had half my rack open up recently, I decided it was time to tackle cleaning up the workshop while it was nice enough to have the windows open to cool me off, but before the hot season did me in.
The whole workshop looks immeasurably better... But holy crap I own a lot of stuff. Fripperies and garb, accoutrements and weapons.. and craft stuff, wow. Sorting through everything made me realize just how much doo-das and gee gaws I got.

All the garb and dress clothes are out of boxes and hung as they should be. And most of the rest of the stuff is tucked away.. At least till I start getting some shelves and hooks up. I got goodly wall space that I can actually use however I want- it's such a nice treat I'm not sure what to do.
I do think I might now have a purpose of that roll of obi linen I picked up years ago if there is enough of it. I think I might make a roman shade for the sliding door out of it.
The storage room is finally straightened up. All the empty boxes, packing supplies, crates and bins of decorations, and all that jazz is finally put away. The previous owners had built in a 2x4 with heavy plywood in the nook of the room as a bunk bed setup, and it is the perfect setup for pretty much all the storage we need.
And yes, I finally got the last of "my" stuff is out of the Florida room. With some help from my love of course :)

Ended up with a couple full bags of garb to donate to RESCU once fair opens, a couple full bags of clothes to donate to the thrift shop to add to the bags I already have been weeding out. Up to 4 bags for them now. Think next time I do a bottle deposit run I should drop those off.
And nicely enough, I ended up with a whole pile of stuff to take back downstairs. Some shirts for working in, some tops to wear. And I finally found my big cream cloak! And all the rest of my hippos for the powder room :) While weeding through all my school paperwork, found a whole stack of recipe packets I missed and I pulled all my Safety and Sanitation notes. I want to start pounding S&S into my brain again. My hand crossbow is all assembled again and just needs some tightening- only found three quarrels though, I will have to get some more.

Then I went through most of the stuff in the workshop. Yikes. Billions of buttons, clasps, writing utensils, needlework stuff, beading stuff, sewing stuff.... But in the end all that cleaning was super worth it. Now I have direct light over the workbench- I cleared off enough of the top shelf that I was able to set up my grandmothers lamps. Those were crated the entire time we lived in Chicago, and it warms my heart every time I see them glowing. And they do throw rather nice light.

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  1. ...lol... amazing how much crap you have when its not buired under other people's crap, eh?? ;)

    ...and soon there will be no crap there at all but yours... Beware! The prophet has spoken!!The time approaches WHEN ALL LOOT SHALL BE YOURS!!

    ...soooon... Juuuuune!!